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419  acknowledgments Aspecial note of appreciation to the following authors’ representatives for granting permission to publish their works in this anthology: The translations of Anna Akhmatova appear with the permission of Mrs. Margarita Novgorodova and FTM Agency, Ltd. “La rosa” from Fervor de Buenos Aires and “Buenos Aires” from El Otro, El Mismo by Jorge Luis Borges. Copyright © 1996 by Maria Kodama, used by permission of The Wylie Agency LLC. Translation of “Chanson,” “Les Amours XIII,” and “Dedication of a Mirror to Venus” by W. S. Merwin. Copyright © 1949 by W. S. Merwin. Translation of “He goes, my lover,” “Friends, I cannot deny,” “Waken, my love, who sleep in the cold morning,” and “At the voice of the enchanter” by W. S. Merwin . Copyright © 1952 by W. S. Merwin. Translation of “That the fevered breath attain relief,” “Glorious Lord, fountain of clarity,” and “High waves that shift and gather from the sea” by W. S. Merwin. Copyright © 1950 by W. S. Merwin. Translation of “Insomnia. Homer. Taut sails.,” “Tristia,” “We shall meet again, in Petersburg,” and “Armed with the sight of the fine wasps” by W. S. Merwin. Copyright © 1972 by W. S. Merwin. All of the above are reprinted by permission of The Wylie Agency LLC. Permission for use of “Three Fables from La Fontaine” (“The Scythian Philosopher,” “Phoebus and Boreas,” and “The Schoolboy, the Pendant, and the Man with a Garden”) is granted by David M. Moore, Administrator of the Literary Estate of Marianne Moore. Grateful acknowledgment is due the many sources that provided background information for the biographical notes in this anthology. ...


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