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Lope de Vega 355  Lope de Vega (1562–1635) “Dawns hung with flowers” Dawns hung with flowers In the cold winter, Be mindful of my child Who sleeps upon the ice. Joyful mornings In cold December, Though the sky sow you With flowers and roses, Yet are you severe And God is tender; Be mindful of my child Upon the ice who sleeps. “In Santiago the Green” In Santiago the Green Jealousy seized me, Night sits in the day, I think to avenge myself. Poplars of the thicket, Where is my love? If with another Then should I die. Clear Manzanares, O little river, For lack of water Run full with fire. 356 Spanish Harvest Song From The Grand Duke of Muscovy White I was When I came to the harvest Now I am brown where the sun touched me. White once on a time I was Before I came to the harvesting But the sun would not allow Whiteness to the fire I wield. My youth at break of day Was a lustrous lily; Now I am brown where the sun touched me. W. S. Merwin, 1957 ...


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