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Walther von der Vogelweide 123  Walther von der Vogelweide (ca. 1170–1230) “Under the lime-tree,” Under the lime-tree, By the heath, Where with my well-beloved I lay, You can go and see— Pleasant both— Flowers and grass we broke that day. Where the forest meets the dale: Tandaradee! Sweetly sang the nightingale. Here we were meeting; But already My well-beloved was waiting there. Such was his greeting, Gracious Lady, That ever since I’ve walked on air. Did he kiss me? Yes, and well: Tandaradee! Look how red my lips are still. With the wild flowers There my love Made a lavish bed for me; This bed of ours, Should you pass above, Will make you laugh most heartily. By the roses you can trace— Tandaradee! Where my head lay in that place. Had anyone seen us Lying there, 124 German (God grant none did!) I’d be ashamed. What passed between us Is our affair, Never to be known or named But by us and one small bird— Tandaradee! Which may never breathe a word. Michael Hamburger, 1955 ...


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