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Jean Passerat 59  Jean Passer at (1534–1602) Sonnet Addressed to Henry III on the death of Thulène, the King’s fool Thulène is dead, my lord. I saw his funeral. But it is in your power to bring him back again. Appoint some poet to inherit his domain. Poet and fool are of the same material. One scorns advancement. One has nowhere to advance. In both accounts the gain is smaller than the loss. Both kinds are quick to anger, difficult to cross. One speaks on impulse, one leaves everything to chance. One is light-headed, but the other one is seen wearing a pretty cap and bells, yellow and green. One sings his rhymes, the other capers to his chimes. Yet we are different in one important way. Fortune has always favored fools, or so they say. She’s seldom favored poets in the best of times. Richmond Lattimore, 1973 ...