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Krassin Himmirsky 3  Kr assin Himmirsky (ca. 1939) The Cricket In vain we tried to banish him. The roar of engines did not drive him away, nor the asphalt with which we covered the fields. We put up steel fences, walls of cement and concrete. Darkened the air with gas fumes and shut ourselves in highrise buildings. But he, like a password, crossed every barrier unharmed. And when we claimed victory in the shade of a leaf, unseen his fine string music started again. Its tone reeled off our forgotten friends, our forgotten homes, our souls. It recalled to mind the world’s forgotten beauty. Then we looked for him, meaning to speak in friendship at last, but in vain. He was nowhere visible. And only within us still rang and rang his refrain. Denise Levertov, 1983 ...


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