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contents Preface, by Paula Deitz xix Introduction, by Mark Jarman xxiii Bulgarian 1 Krassin Himmirsky 3 The Cricket Chinese 5 Tu Fu 7 Adviser to the Court: Working All Night in Springtime; Reply to a Friend’s Advice; On the Way Out Banishment: Too Much Heat, Too Much Work; Reunion Old English 11 Anonymous 13 The Fire-Drake, from Beowulf Middle English 19 Anonymous Fourteenth-Century Poet 21 From Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Old French 39 Richard I 41 Chanson viii Contents Middle French 43 Christine de Pisan 45 “Doulce chose est que mariage” “Seulete suis, et seulete vueil estre” “Sage seroit qui se saroit garder” French 49 François Villon 51 From The Testament: The Old Woman Regretting the Time of Her Youth, or Lament of the Beautiful Helmet Maker Ballade: The Beautiful Helmet Maker to the Daughters of Joy Villon’s Epitaph (Ballade of the Hanged Men) Joachim du Bellay 57 Les Amours XIII Jean-Antoine de Baïf 58 Dedication of a Mirror to Venus Jean Passerat 59 Sonnet Pierre Corneille 60 From Le Cid Jean de La Fontaine 78 The Scythian Philosopher Phoebus and Boreas The Schoolboy, the Pedant, and the Man with a Garden Victor Hugo 82 So Boaz Slept Leconte de Lisle 86 Leilah Asleep Charles Baudelaire 87 “Je n’ai pas oublié, voisine de la ville . . .” The Swan Contents ix  Stéphane Mallarmé 90 The Afternoon of a Faun Paul Valéry 96 The Birth of Venus Bather In Sleeping Beauty’s Wood Caesar Guillaume Apollinaire 99 Church Bells Valery Larbaud 100 These Sounds and This Movement: Ode Images La rue Soufflot: Romance Jean Follain 104 Landscape of a Child on His Way to the Place of the Regents Black Meat The School and Nature Yves Bonnefoy 106 To the Voice of Kathleen Ferrier The Farewell On the Motion and the Immobility of Douve: Theatre Philippe Jaccottet 114 “Night is a great sleeping city” Seed Time The Ignorant Man Distances German 121 Walther von der Vogelweide 123 “Under the lime-tree,” x Contents Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 125 To Werther Elegy Reconciliation Christian Morgenstern 132 Maids on Saturday Erich Kästner 133 Autobiography Ancient Greek 135 Homer 137 Helen on the Walls From The Odyssey Sappho 146 1. “Some there are who say that the fairest thing seen” 2. To a Rival 3. “When we lived all as one she adored you as” 4. Epitaph Sophocles 148 From Antigone A Chorus from Oedipus Rex Women of Trachis Greek 197 Kostis Palamas 199 The Cypress Tree C. P. Cavafy 200 Longings Manuel Comnenus He Asked about the Quality— Since Nine— Contents xi  Prayer Days of 1908 Voices Yannis Ritsos 205 Level Duration Announcement Remembrances Hungarian 207 Attila József 209 To Sit, to Stand, to Kill, to Die Attila József Italian 211 Giuseppe Ungaretti 213 Little Monologue Lucio Piccolo 220 Veneris Venefica Agrestis The Night Landscape Japanese 227 Kakinomoto no Hitomaro 229 Ode at the Time of the Temporary Interment of Princess Asuka at Kinoë A Naga-uta on the Death of His Wife Grief after the Mountain-Crossing of the Prince Motomaro Senge 233 Tangerines, My Boy, and Me The Soy Mash Vendor xii Contents Latin 235 Lucretius 237 From The Nature of Things: From Book 1: Against the evils of religion; From Book 3: Against the fear of death; From Book 4: Against passion; From Book 5: On the development of civilization Catullus 246 CI Horace 247 I, 25 Prayer to Venus Macedonian 249 Bogomil Gjuzel 251 How the Eagle Sees It Persian 253 Fakhr addin Gorgani 255 From Vis and Ramin Polish 261 Zbigniew Herbert 263 Arion To Marcus Aurelius Maturity The Wringer Episode in a Library Portuguese 267 Pero Meogo 269 “He goes, my lover,” Joan de Guilhade 270 “Friends, I cannot deny” Contents xiii  Nuno Fernandes Torneol 271 “Waken, my love, who sleep in the cold morning,” Francisco de Sá de Miranda 272 “At the voice of the enchanter” Provençal 273 Guillem Comte de Peitau 275 “That the fevered breath attain relief” “Friend, I would make verses . . . that’s understood,” Giraut de Bornelh 278 “Glorious Lord, fountain of clarity,” Raimbaut de Vaqueiras 280 “Guard us well, my sentry,” “High waves that shift and gather from the sea” Peire Vidal 283 From the Vida Quechua 285 Anonymous Poets 287 Prayer Prayer Prayer Herder’s Song “Joy in your mouth” “I’m bringing up a fly” “My mother brought me to life” “When you find you’re...


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