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Acknowledgments Many people have helped this manuscript come to fruition, and I owe all of them gratitude. First, I thank the professors at the University of Michigan who nurtured this project through its beginning stages. María E. Montoya’s faith in me and the project, her outstanding feedback, her straightforward advice, andhergeneralgoodwillhave made thisprojectmuchbetterthanitotherwise wouldhavebeen.RichardCándidaSmithamelioratedmyjourneythroughthe beginningsofthisprojectwithastuteguidance,superbcriticism,encyclopedic knowledge,andagentlesensibility.JuneM.Howardhonedmytheoreticaland literary voices with encouragement, sharp advice, and good humor. Martha S. Jones offered the right thoughts at the right times, precisely the critiques that made me rethink everything. Archivists,too,haveprovenpricelessresources.WalterJonesandPeterKraus attheUniversityofUtahprovidedanswerstoendlessquestionsandgenerosity infindingandlendingmaterials.StanLarsonandGregThompsonalsooffered valuable support in navigating University of Utah holdings. David Whittaker and Russ Taylor at Brigham Young University Special Collections were tireless in answering my many questions. However, I owe Larry Draper at BYU my special gratitude for acting well beyond his call every time I needed his assistance . His encyclopedic knowledge of the L. Tom Perry Special Collections andofMormonandanti-Mormonsourcesmoregenerallyhasbeeninvaluable. Talbot_Text.indd 7 9/5/13 8:49 AM viii Acknowledgments ArchivistsandvolunteersattheLDSChurchHistoryLibrarywerealsohelpful in finding rare materials. Ihavebeenfortunatetoreceivegenerousgrantsforportionsofthisresearch from the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies and the Joseph Fielding SmithInstituteofLDSHistory,bothatBrighamYoungUniversity;theFriends of the Marriott Library at the University of Utah; and Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan. Chapter 2 appeared in slightly different form in the Journal of Mormon History, volume 37, number 4, Fall 2011, under the title “The Church Family and the American State: Mormonism and the Public Private Divide.” It is published here with their permission. Portions of chapter 6 appeared in different form in the Journal of Law and Family Studies, volume 8, number 2, Summer 2006, under the title, “‘Turkey is In Our Midst’: Orientalism and Contagion in Nineteenth-Century Anti-Mormonism,” and are reprinted here with their permission. Numerouspeoplehavebeengenerouswiththeirtimeandthoughtsincommenting on pieces of this work. Elizabeth Clement, Martha Ertmann, Margaret Toscano, and Dawn Anderson have been particularly kind in this regard. My thanks as well to Irwin Altman, John Carson, Brian Cannon, Kathryn M. Daynes, Jill Mulvay Derr, Laura DuPaix, Amy Farrell, Paul Finkelman, Sarah BarringerGordon,AaronHaberman,HendrikHartog,ErinJordan,LauraKessler ,AnnLittle,MichelleLow,LorieSauble-Otto,DonaldStrassberg,Nicholas Syrett, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Diane Vecchio, John F. Wilson, Dan Wotherspoon ,andtheanonymousreviewersfortheUniversityofIllinoisPressfortheir helpful and astute feedback. I also thank my family and friends who have read and commented on drafts and helped with editing, proofreading, compiling, fact checking, and the rest of the endless work of completing a manuscript. I am indebted as well to my many professors, mentors, colleagues, and friends at the University of Utah, the University of Michigan, Dickinson College, the University of Northern Colorado, and elsewhere who have offered friendship, advice, and sometimes commiseration. I owe significant gratitude to my father, who endured constant interruptions that I might exploit his extensive lay knowledge of LDS Church history and doctrine. He has tolerated my invasions not only into his time, but into his rather large personal library of Mormon studies monographs. One person , however, has spent more time with this manuscript than anyone besides me—mymother.Hersteadiness,ear,andeditorialruthlessnesshavemadethis projectbetterthanIcouldbymyself.Intheserespects,myparentshaveindeed brought forth the best robe, put shoes on my feet, and killed the fatted calf in celebration of me, their prodigal daughter. Talbot_Text.indd 8 9/5/13 8:49 AM ...


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