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Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 1. “That These Things Might Come Forth”: Early Mormonism and the American Republic 19 2. “We Shall Then Live Together as One Great Family”: Mormonism and the Public/Private Divide 34 3. “More the Companion and Much Less the Subordinate”: Polygamy and Mormon Woman’s Citizenship 63 4. “The Utter Destruction of the Home Circle”: Polygamy and the Perversion of the Private Sphere 83 5. “They Can Not Exist in Contact with Republican Institutions”: Consent, Contract, and Citizenship under “Polygamic Theocracy” 105 Talbot_Text.indd 5 9/5/13 8:49 AM 6. “The Foulest Ulcer on the Body of Our Nation”: Race, Class, and Contagion in Anti-Mormon Literature 129 7. “Suffer a Surrender . . . ? No, Never!”: The End of Plural Marriage 147 Conclusion 161 Notes 169 Bibliography 215 Index 255 Talbot_Text.indd 6 9/5/13 8:49 AM ...


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