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Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 Inhabiting La Patria: Identity, Agency, and Antojo in the Work of Julia Alvarez Rebecca L. Harrison and Emily Hipchen Chapter 1 Julia Alvarez and the Autobiographical Antojo 21 Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle Chapter 2¡Yo! on the Margins: Dividing the Family and the Ethnic Writer as Traitor 43 Marion Rohrleitner Chapter 3 “Super-Size Me”: Ritual as Affluenza in Julia Alvarez’s Once upon a Quinceañera: Coming of Age in the USA 63 Sara Gerend Chapter 4 Rewriting Master Narratives: Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies 85 Katie Daily-Bruckner Chapter 5 Patriots and Citizens of the Planet: Friendship and Geopolitics in Julia Alvarez’s Young Adult Fiction 109   Susana S. Martínez Contents viii Chapter 6 Isolation on Hybridity Road: Complexities of Identity Formation in Julia Alvarez’s Something to Declare 131 Karina A. Bautista Chapter 7 “Between the Scylla and the Charybdis”: Remapping Subjectivity in the Dialogic Waters of Julia Alvarez’s “The Other Side/El Otro Lado” 159 Andrea Witzke Slot Chapter 8 In the Name of Salomé: Julia Alvarez’s Feminist Discourse on La Patria 189 Tegan Zimmerman Chapter 9 The Hidden Archivist; Or, Julia Alvarez’s Historical Fiction beyond the Borders 213 Frans Weiser List of Contributors 235 Index 239 ...


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