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Contents Foreword vii Acknowledgments ix Transliteration, Names, and Measures xi Maps 2 Introduction 5 Spring Chapter 1 “The Authentic Tea Mountain Yiwu” 33 Chapter 2 Tensions under the Bloom 55 Summer Chapter 3 “Yunnan: The Home of Puer Tea” 81 Chapter 4 Heating Up and Cooling Down 106 Autumn Chapter 5 Puer Tea with Remorse 123 Chapter 6 Transformed Qualities 143 Winter Chapter 7 Tea Tasting and Counter–Tea Tasting 161 Chapter 8 Interactive Authenticities 179 Conclusion: An Alternative Authenticity 197 Appendix 1: Puer Tea Categories and Production Process 205 Appendix 2: Supplementary Videos 210 Notes 211 Glossary 219 References 227 Index 243 ...


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