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22 To Kal8 O, Mother, what do you know of the old Lady? Have you seen her soul evil? O, Mother, did you forget Guillaume and Mahe9? Have you forgiven the Commodore’s10 ill? O, Mother, did Charles11 not write their spite? Do you not approve Bernardin’s12 skill? O, Mother, do you truly revere Guy, Gaetan and Abdool13? Tell us how you honour Satcam, Aneerood and Chacha’s will14? 8 Kal means time in Sanskrit, a play on the words Kali (loving goddess mother) and time, kal 9 Guillaume Dufresne D’Arsel takes possession of Mauritius as his port of call en route to India; Mahe de Labourdonnais established Port Louis as naval base 10 Commodore Josias Rowley captured the Vieux Grand Port in Mauritius in 1810, against the French Pierre Bouvet. In 1814, under the Treatise of Paris, Mauritius would finally become property of the British 11 Charles Baudelaire 12 Bernardin de St Pierre, author of Mauritian tale “Paul et Virginie” 13 Guy Rozemont; Gaetan Duval; Abdool Razack Mohammed 14 Satcam Boolell; Aneerood Jugnauth; Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam ...


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