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73 M other and Daddy still live on the Hill. I do too part time, since I am in college now and I only get to go home on holidays. But I haven’t filled my head so full of “learning” at TCU that I could ever forget about my doggies, not just the ones I told you about but all the others that have passed through my life-Tiny Tim, Dusty, Caleb, Igor, Jackie O, Char, Angelina, Peaches, and Lady. Like Daddy said, they all have left a mark of some kind on me without ever saying a word. They have given joy and sadness, fear and pain, comfort and loyalty. Where else could I have learned so much about life-and death? These doggies have been so much a part of my world that it’s a wonder I don’t bark instead of talk. Epilogue Addison and Randolph Clark, the founders of Texas Christian University Photo courtesy of TCU Magazine ...


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