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40 whales Every year they come to Monterey Bay, the great plankton eaters with their mouths full of baleen, whatever that may be. The lives of whales, vast, unseen, unfathomable, go on out there under the expensive yachts as I chat on my cell phone, walking along the shore. I’m talking to a woman in Cleveland who is telling me about the snowstorm there. Unfathomable. She says she misses me and I say I miss her, and we discuss what we would do if we were together right now. But if we were really together there in Cleveland I know perfectly well we would already have expended our pent up passion. She’d be doing the dishes, or reading Middlemarch, and I’d be attaching some insulation to the front door. It would be normal life, which threatens at all times to overwhelm us, to drain and nullify us, which is why we invented the jetliner, and airports, and Santa Cruz. A Boeing 727, you say. Do you really need something so big, so costly and loud, to save a marriage? Perhaps not. And perhaps, just to follow your line of reasoning, we do not absolutely need the whales—dark, strange, unfathomable— either. ...


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