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36 fly balls I will arise now and negotiate a lower interest rate. Why am I doing this? Because interest rates are at an all-time low. I listen to this phrase and hear its terrible power— terrible because it means I must go now and negotiate a lower rate on my mortgage. Terrible because Dave, the bank manager, winked and said, hey, this won’t last forever! And my wife said I must go negotiate rates. But when the mortgage consultant opens her case of important documents, I want to take my baseball glove and Cardinals cap and head to the sandlot behind Jamie Bradburn’s house and hit some fly balls with him. I say, fly balls in fear of lower interest rates. I say baseball glove to protect myself from mortgage. I say Cardinals to connect the graying man sitting with the mortgage consultant at a gray desk to the boy who idled down the summer sidewalk with a certain slouching, unhurried gait modeled perfectly after Stan Musial’s unhurried, yet momentous approach to the batter’s box. And now, almost apologetically, the mortgage consultant—a nice woman named Lorraine— begins to push the terrible charts and tables and graphs across the desk to me, and all the sandlots disappear, and even Musial got old. ...


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