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15 arcadia They’re bulldozing the turf from the old Cleveland public golf course in order to turn it into a Walmart Superstore which will replace the old, non-super Walmart. And though I am not a golfer I will miss those men and women on the distant clearances and the twinkle of their silver wands in the morning light as I speed past on my way to work. How beautifully they strove in the autumnal dawn! How tanned were their calves, how white their shorts and caps! How mysterious their bright procession beneath the trees and across the green frontiers! Soon the sturdy bargain hunters will replace them, roaming the wide, fluorescent fairways in a rapture, gathering their discount packages of chicken breasts and underwear, mouthwash and caulking supplies, Viagra, car wax, nasal decongestant, and so many other things, literally everything, including competitively priced golf equipment. Because even though there is no longer a golf course here, there is always somewhere else, brooks and meadows becoming farms, farms becoming golf courses, 16 golf courses giving way, in time, to ever more super Walmarts, one paradise replacing another, now and forever, world without end, amen. ...


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