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Contents List of Figures ix List of Tables xiii Preface xv French and Indian War Chronology, 1750–1765 xvii Introduction 1 Lawrence E. Babits 1. Clash of Empires 9 R. Scott Stephenson 2. Forts on the Frontier: Adapting European Military Engineering to North America 17 James L. Hart 3. Fort Prince George, South Carolina 52 Marshall W. Williams 4. Fort Loudoun, Tennessee : Defensive Features and Artifactual Remains 69 Carl Kuttruff 5. Fort Dobbs, North Carolina: How Documents and Artifacts Led to Rebuilding the Fort 84 Lawrence E. Babits 6. Fort Loudoun, Virginia: A French and Indian War Period Fortification Constructed by George Washington 102 Robert L. Jolley 7. The Second Fort Vause: A Crucial French and Indian War Fort in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia 122 Kim A. McBride 8. “To Preserve the Forts, and the Families Gathered into Them”: Archaeology of Edwards’s Fort, Capon Bridge, West Virginia 139 W. Stephen McBride 9. Fort Loudoun: A Provincial Fort on the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania Frontier 158 Stephen G. Warfel 10. Style Wars in the Wilderness: The Colonial Forts at Crown Point 174 Charles L. Fisher and Paul R. Huey 11. Fort Frontenac, Kingston, Ontario, Canada 191 Susan M. Bazely 12. Michilimackinac, a Civilian Fort 216 Lynn L. M. Evans 13. War and the Colonial Frontier: Fort de Chartres in the Illinois Country 229 David J. Keene Conclusion 241 Lawrence E. Babits Glossary 255 References Cited 261 List of Contributors 287 Index 291 ...


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