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NOTE TO THE READER The Internet is an invaluable resource for animation research. Images from many of the films mentioned in The Colored Cartoon currently appear on webpages created by scholars and aficionados of the genre. Typing the name of a cartoon character, film title, producer, or studio into any search engine will yield a list of possible sites where still images and even film clips can be found. The website sponsors some of the pages featuring pictures of African American characters. “The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia” contains an illustrated filmography, providing stills of scenes from the “Li’l Eightball” and “Swing Symphonies” series, among others. “The Classic Felix the Cat Page” displays pictures of Pat Sullivan’s pioneering silent cartoon series. “The Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page” provides illustrations of the early “Bosko” films and Leon Schlesinger’s cartoons with black caricatures. Jerry Beck’s website features images from opening sequences to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount cartoons, including pictures of the later “Bosko” and “Buzzy the Crow,” respectively. Some cartoons, such as the “Amos ’n’ Andy” series and Schlesinger’s Coal Black an de Sebben Dwarfs are available for viewing in full online. Others are occasionally posted at the film-sharing website LEHM_txt_final.indd ix LEHM_txt_final.indd ix 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM LEHM_txt_final.indd x LEHM_txt_final.indd x 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM The Colored Cartoon LEHM_txt_final.indd xi LEHM_txt_final.indd xi 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM LEHM_txt_final.indd xii LEHM_txt_final.indd xii 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM ...


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