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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My writing of The Colored Cartoon has been a labor of love. I thank God for the opportunity. I am grateful to my editor, Clark Dougan, for his encouragement and support. He has patiently and sensitively guided me through transforming early versions into a publishable book. I thank the faculty and staff of the University of Massachusetts’s Afro American Studies Department for believing in my research. John Bracey, Robert Wolff, and Ernest Allen of the University of Massachusetts and Lynda Morgan of Mount Holyoke College—offered invaluable advice and critiques. Michael Meeropol— my former colleague at Western New England College—offered moral support and allowed me to present my initial findings to his students. My current colleagues at St. Cloud State University have also given me encouragement. I am indebted to archivists of various collections for allowing me access to important primary materials. I am truly thankful to Ned Comstock of the University of Southern California for providing access to numerous cartoon scripts. Tom Featherstone of the United Auto Workers Archives and Julie Graham of the UCLA Arts Library Special Collections also provided me with archival materials. I conducted many interviews over the years of my research. For their time and recollections I am grateful to Robert Givens, the late Faith Hubley, the late Bill Hurtz, the late Bill Littlejohn, the late Norm McCabe, Bill Melendez, Emanuel Muravchik, the late Ray Patterson, Ray Pointer, Martha Sigall, Ken Southworth, the late Myron Waldman, the late Berny Wolf, and Jack Zander. I thank my parents for giving me the tools to write my book. My father instilled in me a love of writing, and my mother suggested that I research and analyze the caricatured black images that I regularly saw on television. I also appreciate my brother’s willingness to watch many of the cartoons with me and allow me to pitch my ideas to him. My daughter, Imani, expresses an unceasing joy in life that inspired me to diligence in writing the book. I am extremely grateful to my wife, Yolanda, for all of her sacrifice, patience, support, and love. Because of her, The Colored Cartoon exists. LEHM_txt_final.indd vii LEHM_txt_final.indd vii 10/11/07 11:15:14 AM 10/11/07 11:15:14 AM LEHM_txt_final.indd viii LEHM_txt_final.indd viii 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM 10/11/07 11:15:15 AM ...


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