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Part 3 Singapore, “Writ-large” Flows, processes and events occurring at different geographical scales constantly impact landscapes. Part 3 is titled “writ-large” to cast attention on the way Singapore is defined and constituted by trends and developments that transcend its territorial boundaries. The chapters in this section work together as a whole to iterate the variety of flows enabling the city-state to function as a global financial, arts and tourism hub; the porosity of borders also means that disastrous events around the world can have repercussions on Singapore. These chapters also underline the tensions that arise from balancing the global and the local. For Singapore, a key concern expressed by political leaders is whether the Singaporean identity will become diluted by globalisation. Yet a recurring theme in this section is how place and identity still matter to Singaporeans in a rapidly globalising world. However, what also emerges through these chapters are the ways in which Singaporeans contest aspects of the state’s globalisation aspirations. Implicit in these global-local debates is the extent to which they feel that globalisation is beneficial to them and Singaporean society, or if they feel disenfranchised as a result of the pace and the nature of change. The chapters collectively embody an effort to uncover alternative views towards globalisation and arrive at a more measured assessment of Singapore’s globalising ambitions. 10 C-Landscapes.indd 177 7/30/13 10:38:33 AM 10 C-Landscapes.indd 178 7/30/13 10:38:33 AM This page is intentionally left blank. ...


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