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xvii Preface Changing Landscapes of Singapore is a module that has been taught by the Department of Geography in the National University of Singapore (NUS) since 2001. The module has been popular with successive crossdisciplinary cohorts of students in every semester in which it is offered since its inception. This edited volume presents the substance of the module in an accessible format to students and other readers interested to gain a deeper understanding of the transformations to Singapore’s landscapes. As indicated in the introductory chapter, we examine these transformations through landscape tenets that signal the value of geographical concepts in analysing the global and transnational processes shaping the landscapes of Singapore. The original textbook accompanying the module was published nearly a decade ago and Singapore’s landscapes have evolved significantly over the years. The approach we have taken for this new edition represents an effort to showcase the collective expertise of past and present lecturers that have taught the course as well as that of our guest contributors. We thank them for their unreserved support in this collective endeavour. We would also like to acknowledge other colleagues from the Department of Geography (NUS) that may not have contributed chapters but whose invaluable insights and teaching have enriched the course. We are further grateful to Paul Kratoska and James Sidaway for encouraging us to take up this editorial project. We also thank Mrs Li Kheng Lee for her cartographic assistance and to Yexi Yuan for contributing the photographs accompanying several of the book chapters. The comments from anonymous referees helped improve the general direction and contents of the book. 00 C-Landscapes Prelims.indd 17 7/31/13 11:32:16 AM Preface xviii We hope this collective endeavour will inspire students and other readers to examine critically yet also appreciate fondly the multifaceted changing landscapes of Singapore. Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho Chih Yuan Woon Kamalini Ramdas 00 C-Landscapes Prelims.indd 18 7/31/13 11:32:16 AM ...


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