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 Contents List of Tables vii List of Figures ix Foreword xv Preface xvii 1. Introduction: Rediscovering Singapore’s Changing Landscapes 1 Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho, Chih Yuan Woon and Kamalini Ramdas PART 1: SINGAPORE, IN THE MAKING 2. Heritage Landscapes and Nation-Building in Singapore 25 Hamzah Muzaini 3. From Housing a Nation to Meeting Rising Aspirations: 43 Evolution of Public Housing over the Years Choon-Piew Pow 4. Nature and the Environment as an Evolving Concern in 61 Urban Singapore Harvey Neo 5. The Heart of a Global City: The Remaking of Singapore’s 81 City Centre Shirlena Huang PART 2: SINGAPORE, ITS HEARTBEAT 6. Contesting Landscapes of Familyhood: Singlehood, 109 the AWARE Saga and the Pink Dot Celebrations Kamalini Ramdas 00 C-Landscapes Prelims.indd 5 7/31/13 11:32:13 AM Contents vi 7. Growing Old in Singapore: Social Constructions of Old Age 126 and the Landscapes of the Elderly Noorashikin Abdul Rahman 8. Migrant Landscapes: A Spatial Analysis of South Asian 142 Male Migrants in Singapore Junjia Ye 9. The Singaporean “Diaspora” Landscape: Nation and 158 Extraterritoriality Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho PART 3: SINGAPORE, “WRIT-LARGE” 10. Geopolitical Landscapes of Terror and Security in Singapore 179 Chih Yuan Woon 11. Singapore’s Economic Landscapes: Local Transformations and 196 Global Networks Karen P.Y. Lai 12. Spaces, Places and Landscapes for the Arts 218 T.C. Chang 13. Tourism 2015: Making YourSingapore 237 Harng Luh Sin ENGAGING LANDSCAPES 14. The Changing Landscape of Jalan Besar 259 Pui Leng Woo 15. Landscape Encounters: Students’ Photo Essays 282 Brendan Cheong, Andy Chong, Alvin Kok, Matthew Lam and Tu Guang Tan Notes on Contributors 288 Index 293 00 C-Landscapes Prelims.indd 6 7/31/13 11:32:14 AM ...


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