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207 a b b r e v i a t i o n s For full citations on editions of works by Abelard, given by editor’s name in the Notes, see the first section of the Bibliography, ‘Editions of Works by Abelard’. AL Aristoteles Latinus Apol. Abelard’s Apologia contra Bernardum BGPTMA Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters CCCM Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaevalis CCSL Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina Coll. Abelard’s Collationes Comm. Cant. Abelard’s Commentarius Cantabrigiensis in Epistolas Pauli Comm. Hex. Abelard’s Commentary on the Hexaemeron Comm. Rom. Abelard’s Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Romans Conf. fid. Abelard’s Confessio fidei ‘Universis’ ‘Universis’ De int. Abelard’s Tractatus de intellectibus Dial. Abelard’s Dialectica GSV Glossae secundum vocales HC Abelard’s Historia calamitatum LI Abelard’s Logica ingredientibus 208  Abbreviations LI(cat) Abelard’s Logica ingredientibus (Categories) LI(isa) Abelard’s Logica ingredientibus (Isagoge) LI(oi) Abelard’s Logica ingredientibus (On Interpretation) LNPS Logica nostrorum petitioni sociorum PL Patrologia Latina Sc. Abelard’s Scito teipsum Sent. Sententiae Magistri Petri Abaelardi Sent. Flor. Sententiae Florianenses Sent. Par. Sententiae Parisienses SN Abelard’s Sic et non TChr Abelard’s Theologia Christiana TSB Abelard’s Theologia Summi Boni TSch Abelard’s Theologia scholarium ...


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