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c o n t e n t s h Acknowledgements ix Introduction 1 p a r t i abelard’s present Introduction to Part I 8 one Abelard’s Developing Thought 11 two An Unpopular Argument (I): Abelard and 45 His Contemporaries p a r t i i Abelard’s Past and Abelard’s Future Introduction to Part II 90 three Abelard and Anselm 93 four An Unpopular Argument (II): 117 From the Lombard to Leibniz viii  Contents p a r t i i i Abelard and Our Present Introduction to Part III 146 five Abelard and the ‘New’ Theory of Meaning 149 six Abelard and Contemporary Metaphysics 167 Conclusion 200 List of Abbreviations 207 Notes 209 Bibliography 254 Index of Passages in Abelard 270 General Index 275 ...


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