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1131 Bibliography This extension of the references that appear after individual composers or compositions concentrates on English-language books, periodicals, and dissertations. These sources are most helpful when used in conjunction with the musical score. Careful attention has been directed toward dissertations, some of which are annotated. As a general rule, biographies have been excluded, except for those that focus on the composer’s music. For a more complete list of books related to keyboard accompanying, aesthetics, analysis, biographies , group piano, construction and design, history, lists of piano music, ornamentation , pedagogy, performance anxiety, stress and tension, performance techniques, piano duets, transcriptions, two or more pianos, performance practice, and video cassettes, see Maurice Hinson, The Pianist’s Bookshelf (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998). Agay, Denes. “The Search for Authenticity.” Clavier 14 (November 1965): 29–31. 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