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364 F Elisenda Fábregas (1955– ) USA, born Spain Fábregas studied piano at the Barcelona Conservatory and began composing in 1986, shortly after arriving in the U.S. for study at Juilliard and Columbia University . She lives in Seoul, South Korea, where she teaches at Chugye University for the Arts. Album for the Young 2002 (Hidden Oaks 2002) 3 vols. 29 min. Thirty-four short pieces of 1–2 pp. in length organized in order of difficulty. Programmatic titles decorate the collection with a wide range of styles and character. Imaginatively written with clever and interesting rhythms and beautiful harmonic coloring. Int. Vol. I (16pp). Fifteen pieces for early intermediate students in styles including medieval modes, Renaissance, Baroque, and Debussy. Vol. II (19pp.). Thirteen pieces for intermediate students in styles including Native American, ragtime, and Baroque. Vol. III (12pp.). Seven pieces for advanced intermediate students in styles from Fábregas’s native Spain and from Argentina. Marco Facoli (ca.1588) Italy Balli d’Arpicordo 1588 (F. Cerha—Dob 1975). Contains two pavans, four arias, a napolitana, two tedescas, and an unidentified piece. Mainly homophonic style with occasional imitation. Fresh modal harmonies and varied rhythmic treatment. Ornamentation places demands on the performer. The complete set is available in the edition by Willi Apel, Vol.II of Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (American Institute of Musicology). Richard Faith (1926– ) USA Faith writes in a freely tonal and neo-Romantic style. His broad, beautiful melodies naturally unfold into stunning textured sonorities. He is Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona. Finger Paintings (SP 1968). Twelve imaginative miniatures employing many resources of the instrument. The two hands are of equal importance. Mildly twentieth-century. Int. 5 Preludes and Nocturne (SP 1969). Tonal, contemporary treatment, varied moods. Ideas evolve naturally. The Nocturne is a slowly flowing lyrical work with a faster midsection. Chromatic. M-D. Sonata No.1 (SP 1970) 17pp. Allegro grazioso: unison writing, much chromaticism , B. Allegro: repeated notes (chords), imitation, scherzo effect; centers faith   365 around C. Lento and Mesto: Romantic harmonies, F. Allegro maestoso: rhythmic motives carefully developed, B. M-D. The Dark Riders (Toccata) (SP 1970) 7pp. Brief introduction leads directly to perpetual -motion open fifths in left hand, single note in right. Punctuated with longer note values and rhythmic drive. Long pedal effects. M-D. Three Sonatinas (GS 1971). Three movements each, short, appealing. Easy to Int. Recollections (SP 1974) 16pp. The Hunt; Fountains: Monastery; Masks; Autumn; Coach Ride; Reflection; Cavaliers; Sailor’s Dance. Mildly twentieth-century , descriptive, attractive. Int. Night Songs (SP 1975) 8pp. Andantino; Andante, poco rubato, espressivo. Two expressive nocturnes that could be played separately. The second is freer in form, has lush harmonies and Romantic melodies. M-D. Souvenir (in Twelve by Eleven, Alfred 10114). The title suggests a remembrance of a sad and tender nature, a recollection of something in the distant past. Bitonal shifting from a to F is colored with chromatics that add interest to the flowing melodic lines. Rich sonorities coupled with upper-register textures make for a beautiful work. Int. to M-D. Dances (SP 1977) 8pp. Five untitled imaginative pieces. Int. Moments in a Child’s World (SP 1978) 23pp. Eighteen pieces, all one page except the last one, which is two pages. Appealing, colorful. Int. Two Nocturnes (SP 250 1980) 11pp. Espressivo, con moto: flowing melody; midsection exploits left hand over right hand in upper register; ravishing conclusion . Andante, espressivo: use of sixteenth notes in melody and accompaniment , contains some inner restless voices. Subtle pedal effects required. M-D. Fantasy No.2 (SP 251 1982) 8pp. Thickly dissonant but tonally conservative, virtuosic , energetic, neo-Romantic, linear melodies, expressive and idiomatic. M-D. Pastoral Suite (SP 1985) 31pp. Galliard; Chase; Ballad; Saraband; Oviedo; Appartition ; Jester; Lugano; Festival. Subtle modal usage, unresolved mild discords , special coloristic effects, precisely articulated melodies, Neoclassical influence. Attractive writing throughout. Int. to M-D. Islands (SP 1985) 24pp. Four contrasting movements that exploit the instrument beautifully. First-rate pianism required. M-D to D. Pipes (WB 1986) 11pp. Seven contrasting pieces: at various times melancholy, haunting, lighthearted, jovial. Interesting melodies and rhythms. Int. Sketches (WB 1986) 17pp. Twelve miniatures in twelve keys. “Chase” and “Night” are two of the best. Int. Sonatina (WB 1987) 8pp. Three contrasting movements, freely tonal. Int. Masquerades (WB 1989) 7pp. Three contrasting pieces. Int. Russian Folk Tale (WB 1990) 9pp. Six untitled contrasting pieces. Colorful, fresh harmonies. Int. Carrousels (WB 1991) 8pp. 1. Vivace; 2. Andantino, con rubato; 3...


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