Book Series for University of Wisconsin Press


The University of Wisconsin Press, a division of the UW-Madison Graduate School, has published more than 3000 titles, and currently has more than 1500 scholarly, regional, and general interest books in print. The Press publishes eleven peer-reviewed academic and professional journals in the humanities, social sciences, and medicine. See the University of Wisconsin Press web site for more information.

Critical Human Rights

Steve J. Stern and Scott Straus, Series Editors

History of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora

James S. Donnelly, Jr., and Thomas Archdeacon, Series Editors

Library of American Fiction

John Smith, Will Wordsworth

New Perspectives in Se Asian Studies

John Smith, Will Wordsworth

Publications of the Wisconsin Center for Pushkin Studies

David M. Bethea and Alexander Dolinin, General Editors

Wisconsin Film Studies

Patrick McGilligan, Series Editor

Wisconsin Land and Life

Arnold Alanen, Series Editor

Women in Africa and the Diaspora

Stanlie James an Aili Mari Tripp, Series Editors

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