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Available collections include:

The title list for each collection is available for Download in Excel format. Brief collection descriptions are also available.

Note: title lists are books that the publishers intend to submit for a given year. Current year lists are considered partial listings until all books have been submitted and launched. Additionally, a list may change slightly during the year due to unforeseen data and rights issues encountered by publishers during the file submission process. Refer to the column on each collection spreadsheet labeled ‘Currently available on MUSE’ to see which titles have launched (Y) and are available for searching and reading.

The Complete Prose of T.S. Eliot: If you are interested in the Complete Prose of T.S. Eliot, please click here.

2018 Complete

Title List: Download

2017 Complete

Title List: Download

2016 Complete

Title List: Download

2016 Complete Supplement: Download

2015 Complete

Title List: Download

2015 Complete Supplement: Download

2014 Complete

Title List: Download

2014 Complete Supplement: Download

2013 Complete

Title List: Download

2013 Complete Supplement: Download

2013 Complete Supplement II: Download

2012 Complete

Title List: Download

2012 Complete Supplement: Download

2012 Complete Supplement II: Download

2011 Complete

Title List: Download

2011 Complete Supplement: Download

2010 Complete

Title List: Download

Archive Complete Foundation

Title List: Download

Archive Complete Supplement: Download

Archive Complete Supplement II: Download

Archive Complete Supplement III: Download

Archive Complete Supplement IV: Download

Archive Complete Supplement V: Download

Archive Complete Supplement VI: Download

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