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La régulation sociale des minorités sexuelles

L'inquiétude de la différence

Edited by Patrice Corriveau

Successivement condamnées par la religion, criminalisées par le droit pénal et finalement médicalisées, les minorités sexuelles ont subi une forte répression institutionnelle. Depuis, les luttes des mouvements gais et lesbiens ont conduit, dans certains pays, à la reconnaissance des droits des homosexuels au mariage et à la parentalité. Toutefois, l’homosexualité est encore trop souvent perçue comme une menace à la tradition et à l’ordre « naturel ». Réunissant les contributions de chercheurs en sociologie, en philosophie, en criminologie, en histoire, en anthropologie, en sexologie et en travail social, cet ouvrage porte sur les multiples modes de régulation institutionnelle et sociale des minorités sexuelles. Tout en exposant les différentes pratiques de répression employées par le passé, les auteurs traitent de sujets contemporains comme l’homophobie dans les écoles et l’homoparentalité. Soulevant des questions de justice sociale, ils rappellent que tous, gais et lesbiennes y compris, sont engagés dans le processus de régulation des minorités sexuelles.

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La sexualité humaine

Fondements bioculturels

Pour comprendre les fondements de la sexualité humaine, il est nécessaire de recourir à une approche interdisciplinaire à laquelle se greffent les données de la biologie, de l’éthologie, de la psychologie, de l’ethnologie, de l’histoire, de la sociologie, etc. Cette étude a comme objectif de dégager les fondements phylogéniques et les déterminants culturels de la sexualité humaine.

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Les dysfonctions sexuelles

Évaluation et traitement par des méthodes psychologique, interpersonnelle et biologique, 2e édition

Edited by Gilles Trudel

Cet ouvrage propose une synthèse des informations disponibles ainsi qu'une vue d'ensemble des recherches et modèles d'analyse du comportement sexuel. L'auteur y décrit les principaux problèmes sexuels de même que les méthodes d'évaluation et d'intervention utilisables. Pour l'étudiant et le professionnel en sexologie, psychologie, médecine, service social, sciences humaines et santé, tout autant que pour la personne désireuse d'en savoir davantage sur ce sujet, la deuxième édition constitue donc un ouvrage de référence indispensable qui présente les plus récents développements dans la compréhension, l'évaluation et le traitement des dysfonctions sexuelles.

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Love and Globalization

Transformations of Intimacy in the Contemporary World

Edited by Mark B. Padilla, Jennifer S. Hirsch, Miguel Muñoz-Laboy, Robert Sember, and Richard G. Parker

Discussions of globalization usually focus on political, economic, and technological transformations, but fail to recognize how we experience these processes in our daily lives, including our most intimate acts and practices. In this volume, anthropologists and sociologists draw on long-term ethnographic research on love, gender, and sexuality in a broad range of regions to discuss how global forces shape marriage, commercial sex, the political economy of intimacy, and lesbian and gay expressions of companionship. The richly-textured ethnographies provoke a series of questions about emerging vocabularies for friendship and romance; the adoption of cultural forms from faraway places; the emergence of new desires, pleasures, and emotions that circulate as commodities in the global marketplace; and the ways economic processes shape public and private expressions of sexual intimacy.

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Magdalene House

A Place about Mercy

Sarah VanHooser Suiter

Women come to Magdalene House in Nashville when they are ready to leave the streets. They live togetherunsupervised and free of chargefor two years. During that time, the women are given time, space, and the resources they need to heal from what have often been lifelong experiences with suffering. (Of the twentytwo women now in residence, 80 percent have a diagnosed mental illness other than addiction, 40 percent are receiving treatment for hepatitis C, and onethird are HIV positive.)

However, the story of the Magdalene community is not about these statistics, but about the stories the women tell. They say they thrive in the community because it is a place where they are free to be themselves, safe to give and receive love, and free to speak their trutheven to complain sometimes about how their storytelling is exploited "for the good of the community." A Place about Mercy is a participantobservation account of the history of this remarkable community founded in 1997, its structure, its Thistle Farms beauty products operation, and Reverend Becca Stevens's communal and spiritual vision. The book is finally about what it means to walk the path of healing with a group of unlikely women as guide.

Magdalene House was the subject of a multiplepart documentary on National Public Radio.

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Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China

Martin W. Huang

Why did traditional Chinese literati so often identify themselves with women in their writing? What can this tell us about how they viewed themselves as men and how they understood masculinity? How did their attitudes in turn shape the martial heroes and other masculine models they constructed? Martin Huang attempts to answer these questions in this valuable work on manhood in late imperial China. He focuses on the ambivalent and often paradoxical role played by women and the feminine in the intricate negotiating process of male gender identity in late imperial cultural discourses. Two common strategies for constructing and negotiating masculinity were adopted in many of the works examined here.The first, what Huang calls the strategy of analogy, constructs masculinity in close association with the feminine; the second, the strategy of differentiation, defines it in sharp contrast to the feminine. In both cases women bear the burden as the defining "other." In this study,"feminine" is a rather broad concept denoting a wide range of gender phenomena associated with women, from the politically and socially destabilizing to the exemplary wives and daughters celebrated in Confucian chastity discourse.

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Nouvelles avenues en sexologie clinique

Edited by Claude Crépault

Les auteurs remettent en question la valeur et l'efficacité des approches sexothérapeutiques à orientation behaviorale en resituant la sexualité dans une perspective plus globale par rapport aux forces inconscientes et aux besoins socioaffectifs qu'elle vise à combler.

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Sex and Violence in Contemporary Russian Popular Culture

Perestroika and the end of the Soviet Union transformed every aspect of life in Russia, and as hope began to give way to pessimism, popular culture came to reflect the anxiety and despair felt by more and more Russians. Free from censorship for the first time in Russia's history, the popular culture industry (publishing, film, and television) began to disseminate works that featured increasingly explicit images and descriptions of sex and violence.

In Overkill, Eliot Borenstein explores this lurid and often-disturbing cultural landscape in close, imaginative readings of such works as You're Just a Slut, My Dear! (Ty prosto shliukha, dorogaia!), a novel about sexual slavery and illegal organ harvesting; the Nympho trilogy of books featuring a Chechen-fighting sex addict; and the Mad Dog and Antikiller series of books and films recounting, respectively, the exploits of the Russian Rambo and an assassin killing in the cause of justice. Borenstein argues that the popular cultural products consumed in the post-perestroika era were more than just diversions; they allowed Russians to indulge their despair over economic woes and everyday threats. At the same time, they built a notion of nationalism or heroism that could be maintained even under the most miserable of social conditions, when consumers felt most powerless.

For Borenstein, the myriad depictions of deviance in pornographic and also crime fiction, with their patently excessive and appalling details of social and moral decay, represented the popular culture industry's response to the otherwise unimaginable scale of Russia's national collapse. "The full sense of collapse," he writes, "required a panoptic view that only the media and culture industry were eager to provide, amalgamating national collapse into one master narrative that would then be readily available to most individuals as a framework for understanding their own suffering and their own fears."

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Protoféminité et développement sexuel

Essai sur l'ontogénèse sexuelle et ses vicissitudes

Cet ouvrage trace les grandes lignes de l'évolution de la différenciation sexuelle et émet des hypothèses originales sur le développement de la féminité et de la masculinité de même que sur l'ontogénèse de la fonction érotique. Il analyse également la relation entre déviances sexuelles et conflits d'identité de genre.

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The Psychophysiology of Sex

Edited by Erick Janssen

Although sexual psychophysiology has made great strides over the past few decades, the progress made has not been accompanied by much effort to integrate research findings or to stimulate methodological and theoretical discussions among researchers. Yet this new research area has the potential to make substantial contributions to understanding a wide range of phenomena, including the spread of HIV/STIs, sexual "addiction" or compulsivity, the use (or nonuse) of birth-control methods, sexual infidelity, and aggressive sexual behaviors. Psychophysiological methods can assist in the exploration of the underlying psychological, physiological, and affective processes, and, perhaps more importantly, how they interact. In this volume, editor Erick Janssen brings together wide-ranging essays written by an authoritative group of researchers, representing the cutting edge of sexual psychophysiology.

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Results 21-30 of 41


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