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Évaluation du niveau conceptuel par la méthode du paragraphe à compléter

La mesure du niveau conceptuel renseigne sur la façon dont une personne appréhende un objet de connaissance ou sur la complexité de son système conceptuel. Ce test n’est pas une mesure de l’intelligence mais plutôt une évaluation de la manière d’interagir dans une situation d’apprentissage.

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Évaluation du potentiel humain dans les organisations

Orienté vers la pratique et fondé sur les recherches récentes en psychologie, cet ouvrage présente en détail comment élaborer et valider de façon scientifique les nombreux instruments de mesure utilisés en gestion des ressources humaines. Il est une source d'information indispensable pour les domaines de relations industrielles, de psychologie industrielle/organisationnelle et des ressources humaines. Ce livre comporte de nombreux exemples du monde réel, ce qui en fait autant un outil de références pour le spécialiste de la mesure, qu'un compagnon utile en cas de litige ou de poursuite devant les tribunaux.

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Évaluation psychosociale auprès de familles vulnérables

Edited by George M. Tarabulsy

Avec une portée décidément pratique, portant sur la description de phénomènes sociaux, psychologiques et familiaux, cet ouvrage se veut un guide utile et actuel solidement fondé sur les connaissances fondamentales, mais touchant des préoccupations quotidiennes, adaptées au contexte québécois de l'intervention sociale. L'objectif général est d'aborder l'évaluation psychosociale de la famille pour aider le travail des intervenants sociaux dans un contexte de risque social.

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Évaluation, relation risque-rendement et produits dérivés

Cette introduction aux notions fondamentales de la finance porte sur l’évaluation des actifs financiers ainsi que sur l’analyse de la relation risque-rendement selon le modèle d’évaluation des actifs financiers (MÉDAF). Accompagné de multiples exemples et exercices facilitant la compréhension et l’apprentissage de ces notions, l’ouvrage s’adresse aux étudiants et gestionnaires voulant s’initier aux bases de la gestion financière.

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Value and Values

Economics and Justice in an Age of Global Interdependence

Edited by Roger T. Ames and Peter D. Hershock

The most pressing issues of the twenty-first century—climate change and persistent hunger in a world of food surpluses, to name only two—are not problems that can be solved from within individual disciplines, nation-states, or cultural perspectives. They are predicaments that can only be resolved by generating sustained and globally robust coordination across value systems. The scale of the problems and necessity for coordinated global solutions signal a world historical transit as momentous as the Industrial Revolution: a transition from the predominance of technical knowledge to that of ethical deliberation. This volume brings together leading thinkers from around the world to deliberate on how best to correlate worth (value) with what is worthwhile (values), pairing human prosperity with personal, environmental, and spiritual flourishing in a world of differing visions of what constitutes a moral life.

Especially in the aftermath of what is now being called the Great Recession, awareness has mounted of the imperative to question the modern divorce of economics from ethics. While the domains of economics and ethics were from antiquity through at least the eighteenth century understood in many cultures to be coterminous and mutually entailing, the modern assumption has been that the goal of maximizing human prosperity and the aim of justly enhancing our lives as persons and as communities were functionally and practically distinct. Working from a wide array of perspectives, the contributors to this volume offer a set of challenges to the assumed independence of the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of human and planetary well-being. Reflecting on the complex interrelationship among economics, justice, and equity, the book resists “one size fits all” approaches and struggles to revitalize the marriage of economics and ethics by activating cultural differences as the basis of mutual contribution to shared human flourishing. The publication of this important collection will stimulate or extend critical debates among scholars and students working in a number of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, including philosophy, history, environmental studies, economics, and law.

Contributors: Roger T. Ames, James Behuniak Jr., Steve Bein, Nalini Bhushan, Purushottama Bilimoria, Steven Burik, Amita Chatterjee, Baoyan Cheng, Gordon Davis, Jay L. Garfield, Steven F. Geisz, Peter D. Hershock, Larry A. Hickman, Kathleen M. Higgins, Heidi M. Hurd, Thomas P. Kasulis, Workineh Kelbessa, Lori Keleher, Oliver Leaman, James McRae, Jin Y. Park, James Peterman, Naoko Saito, May Sim, Robert Smid, Paul Standish, Kenneth W. Stikkers, Karsten J. Struhl, Meera Sushila Viswanathan, Wu Shiu- Ching, Xu Di, T. Yamauchi, Yang Liuxin.

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Value Assumptions in Risk Assessment

A Case Study of the Alachlor Controversy

Value Assumptions in Risk Assessment is a case study of the Alachlor Controversy of 1985 in which the Canadian Minister of Agriculture cancelled the registration of the herbicide alachlor. This book demonstrates the opinion that risk assessments by scientific experts as well as ordinary citizens are guided by dominant values held by the assessors. It examines what these values typically are, how they work within a risk assessment, and some implications of reconsidering risk debates as primarily debates about values.

Throughout, the book draws the conclusion that such debates are not primarily debates about science itself, but rather consist of political debate among different value frameworks, different ways of thinking about moral values, different conceptions of society, and different attitudes toward technology and toward risk-taking itself. The larger question in the analysis of these risk assessments is which set of values will ultimately prevail.

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Value Change in Global Perspective

Paul R. Abramson and Ronald Inglehart

In this pioneering work, Paul R. Abramson and Ronald Inglehart show that the gradual shift from Materialist values (such as the desire for economic and physical security) to Post-materialist values (such as the desire for freedom, self-expression, and the quality of life) is in all likelihood a global phenomenon. Value Change in Global Perspective analyzes over thirty years worth of national surveys in European countries and presents the most comprehensive and nuanced discussion of this shift to date. By paying special attention to the way generational replacement transforms values among mass publics, the authors are able to present a comprehensive analysis of the processes through which values change. In addition, Value Change in Global Perspective analyzes the 1990-91 World Values Survey, conducted in forty societies representing over seventy percent of the world's population. These surveys cover an unprecedentedly broad range of the economic and political spectrum, with data from low-income countries (such as China, India, Mexico, and Nigeria), newly industrialized countries (such as South Korea) and former state-socialist countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This data adds significant new meaning to our understanding of attitude shifts throughout the world. Value Change in Global Perspective has been written to meet the needs of scholars and students alike. The use of percentage, percentage differences, and algebraic standardization procedures will make the results easy to understand and useful in courses in comparative politics and in public opinion. Paul R. Abramson is Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University. Ronald Inglehart is Professor of Political Science and Program Director, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

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Value in Marx

The Persistence of Value in a More-Than-Capitalist World

George Henderson

Long prone to dogmatic disagreement, the question of value in Marx’s thought—what value is, the purpose it serves, its application to real-world capitalism—requires renewal if Marx’s work is to remain vibrant. In Value in Marx, George Henderson offers a lucid rereading of Marx that strips value of its turgid theoretical reduction and reframes it as an investigation into the tensions between social relations and forms as they are rather than as what they could otherwise become.

Drawing on Marx’s Capital and Grundrisse, Henderson shows how these volumes do not harbor a single theory of value that equates value to capital. Instead, these books experimentally compose and recompose value for a world that is more than capitalist. At stake is how Marx conceives of human freedom, of balanced social arrangements, and of control over the things people produce. Henderson finds that the limits on social becoming, including the tendency toward alienated existence, haunt Marx even as he looks beyond the critique of capital to an emancipated society to come.

Can these limits be confronted in a creative, even joyful, way? Can they become aspects of what we desire, rather than being silenced and denied? As long as we persist in interpreting value broadly, following it as an active and not a shut-down, predetermined feature of Marx’s texts, Henderson ultimately views Marx as responding positively to these challenges and employing value as a powerful tool of the political imaginary.

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The Value of Hawaii 2

Ancestral Roots, Oceanic Visions

Edited by Aiko Yamashiro and Noelani Goodyear-Ka'opua

How can more of us protect and create waiwai, value, for coming generations? Continuing the conversation of The Value of Hawai‘i: Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future, this new collection gathers together fresh voices sharing their inspiring work in farming, government, voyaging, water rights, archaeology, gender advocacy, education, business, community health, art, immigration, and more to enhance the present and future value of Hawai‘i. By exploring connections to ancestors and others across our Pacific world, the contributors to this volume offer passionate and poignant visions. Their autobiographical essays will inspire readers to live consciously and lead ourselves as island people.

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The Value of Hawaii

Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future

edited by Craig Howes and Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo‘ole Osorio

How did we get here? Three-and-a-half-day school weeks. Prisoners farmed out to the mainland. Tent camps for the migratory homeless. A blinkered dependence on tourism and the military for virtually all economic activity. The steady degradation of already degraded land. Contempt for anyone employed in education, health, and social service. An almost theological belief in the evil of taxes.

At a time when new leaders will be elected, and new solutions need to be found, the contributors to The Value of Hawai‘i outline the causes of our current state and offer points of departure for a Hawai‘i-wide debate on our future. The brief essays address a wide range of topics—education, the environment, Hawaiian issues, media, tourism, political culture, law, labor, economic planning, government, transportation, poverty—but the contributors share a belief that taking stock of where we are right now, what we need to change, and what we need to remember is a challenge that all of us must meet.

Written for a general audience, The Value of Hawai‘i provides a cluster of starting points for a larger community discussion of Hawai‘i that should extend beyond the choices of the ballot box this year.

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