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Valeurs et sentiments des 2 à 5 ans

Les enfants peuvent-ils parler des sentiments et des valeurs dès l'âge de 2 ans ? Bien sûr ! Mais qu'est-ce qu'un sentiment, une valeur, une valeur morale ? Qu'est-ce que l'empathie ? L'auteur nous invite à réfléchir tout en donnant des conseils pratiques sur la façon de développer un jugement sûr chez nos enfants.

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Valeurs religieuses et d�veloppement durable

Une approche d�ananlyse des institutions des Bamil�k� du Cameroun

This book addresses the key issues of reinstating the veritable nature of African values and most specifically those of the Bamilikes that had been discarded since Western Christianity came into contact with black Africa considered animist. This task is warranted by the malaise experienced in churches by some African Christians. This is further made necessary and even pressing by the sense failure that the first wave of evangelisation, which has proven incapable of incorporating the Words of God in the African religious belief systems. This analysis takes into account the exigencies of the present context. The media as well as educated men talk ceaselessly of globalisation and the global village. The question we should be asking is to know if globalisation can be attained without due consideration of African values. This work aims at showing the scientific, sociological and cultural bases of African values so far castigated by colonial discourse. One of the ways to make this known is to expose it, analyse it and show its importance at various levels.

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The Valiant Woman

The Virgin Mary in Nineteenth-Century American Culture

Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez

Nineteenth-century America was rife with Protestant-fueled anti-Catholicism. Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez reveals how Protestants nevertheless became surprisingly and deeply fascinated with the Virgin Mary, even as her role as a devotional figure who united Catholics grew. Documenting the vivid Marian imagery that suffused popular visual and literary culture, Alvarez argues that Mary became a potent, shared exemplar of Christian womanhood around which Christians of all stripes rallied during an era filled with anxiety about the emerging market economy and shifting gender roles.

From a range of diverse sources, including the writings of Anna Jameson, Anna Dorsey, and Alexander Stewart Walsh and magazines such as The Ladies' Repository and Harper's, Alvarez demonstrates that Mary was represented as pure and powerful, compassionate and transcendent, maternal and yet remote. Blending romantic views of motherhood and female purity, the virgin mother's image enamored Protestants as a paragon of the era's cult of true womanhood, and even many Catholics could imagine the Queen of Heaven as the Queen of the Home. Sometimes, Marian imagery unexpectedly seemed to challenge domestic expectations of womanhood. On a broader level, The Valiant Woman contributes to understanding lived religion in America and the ways it borrows across supposedly sharp theological divides.

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Valley Interfaith and School Reform

Organizing for Power in South Texas

By Dennis Shirley

Can public schools still educate America’s children, particularly in poor and working class communities? Many advocates of school reform have called for dismantling public education in favor of market-based models of reform such as privatization and vouchers. By contrast, this pathfinding book explores how community organizing and activism in support of public schools in one of America’s most economically disadvantaged regions, the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, has engendered impressive academic results. Dennis Shirley focuses the book around case studies of three schools that have benefited from the reform efforts of a community group called Valley Interfaith, which works to develop community leadership and boost academic achievement. He follows the remarkable efforts of teachers, parents, school administrators, clergy, and community activists to take charge of their schools and their communities and describes the effects of these efforts on students’ school performance and testing results. Uniting gritty realism based on extensive field observations with inspiring vignettes of educators and parents creating genuine improvement in their schools and communities, this book demonstrates that public schools can be vital "laboratories of democracy," in which students and their parents learn the arts of civic engagement and the skills necessary for participating in our rapidly changing world. It persuasively argues that the American tradition of neighborhood schools can still serve as a bedrock of community engagement and academic achievement.

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Valley of Decisions

Biography and Essays in Honour of Hon. Justice Iorhemen Hwande

In a tribute to Hon. Justice Iorhemen Hwande CFR, Chief Judge of Benue State this book includes contributions from a variety of scholars from Nigeria. 14 essays cover a wide range of topics such as: Insider Dealing by Company Directors and the Nigerian Capital Market; United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea as a Tool for the Resolution of Climate Change Disputes; Is a Practicing Christian Lawyer/Judge in Nigeria an Anachronism?; The Justiciability and Enforcement of Social Rights; and International Economic Law and Development.

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The Valley's Edge

A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban


In this gripping, firsthand account, Daniel Green tells the story of U.S. efforts to oust the Taliban insurgency from the desolate southern Afghan province of Uruzgan. Nestled between the Hindu Kush mountains and the sprawling wasteland of the Margow and Khash Deserts, Uruzgan is a microcosm of U.S. efforts to prevent Afghanistan from falling to the Taliban insurgency and Islamic radicalism.

Green, who served in Uruzgan from 2005 to 2006 as a U.S. Department of State political adviser to a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), reveals how unrealistic expectations, a superficial understanding of the Afghans, and a lack of resources contributed to the Taliban’s resurgence in the area. He discusses the PRT’s good-governance efforts, its reconstruction and development projects, the violence of the insurgency, and the PRT’s attempts to manage its complex relationship with the local warlord cum governor of the province.

Upon returning to Afghanistan in 2009 with the U.S. military and while working at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul until 2010, Green discovered that although many improvements had been made since he had last served in the country, the problems he had experienced in Uruzgan continued despite the transition from the Bush administration to the Obama administration.

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Valor, Guts, and Luck

A B-17 Tailgunner's Survival Story during World War II

William L. Smallwood

During the Second World War, a B-17 tailgunner had a one-in-four chance of survival during his standard twenty-five-mission tour. Valor, Guts, and Luck is the story of Staff Sergeant Lowell “Slats” Slayton (1923–2013), who beat those odds. An underprivileged kid from Fargo, North Dakota, Slayton was a high school senior the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Drawn to the glamour of the “wild blue yonder” made famous by newsreels, he joined the Army Air Force. Eventually he found himself on an unlucky thirteenth mission to the main FW-190 fighter aircraft plant in Oschersleben, Germany. After being hit by a rocket, his plane left the protection of the formation and was immediately attacked by a swarm of fighter aircraft, resulting in damage that forced a crash landing in Germany. Slayton, though wounded, survived the crash landing, spending time in three hospitals and two POW camps before enduring a three hundred-plus mile trek from Poland to western Germany during one of the coldest winters on record. Through Slayton’s recollections, William L. Smallwood conveys the riveting tales of life in the Air Corps, aerial combat, and the horrific experiences of a prisoner of war. Through it all, Slayton’s valor, guts, and luck made it possible for him to enjoy a homecoming after the war.

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The American Odyssey of Roy Dominguez

Rogelio "Roy" Dominguez as told to James B. Lane. Foreword by Evan Bayh

The son of Hispanic immigrants, Rogelio "Roy" Dominguez grew up in gang-plagued Gary, Indiana. With strong family support, he managed to beat the odds, graduating with distinction from Indiana University, finishing law school after a rough start, and maturing into a successful attorney and officeholder. Yet there was more in store for Roy. Ready to start a family and embark on a career as a deputy prosecutor, he was stricken with Guillain-Barré syndrome. How he coped with and eventually overcame this debilitating affliction is a compelling part of his story. The experience steeled him to meet future crises with wisdom, perspective, and grit. An inspiring true story, Valor is also a significant and original contribution to the social, ethnic, and political history of Indiana.

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Valorizing the Barbarians

Enemy Speeches in Roman Historiography

By Eric Adler

Comparing and contrasting speeches attributed to barbarian leaders by ancient Roman historians, this book offers a systematic examination of the ways in which those historians valorized foreigners and presented criticisms of their own society.

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Évaluation créative

Une approche systémique des valeurs

Les valeurs de base de l'évaluation créative - Les quatre préceptes du processus de l'évaluation créative - L'analyse psychosociologique d'une valeur - Une prise de conscience à la grandeur de la planète - Une stratégie pour clarifier les valeurs - Le modèle systémique : son processus décisionnel; sa composition rationnelle; son interprétation fonctionnelle - L'équilibration des deux cerveaux dans l'évaluation effective - L'acceptation globale de la dimension humaine - La validation des instruments de mesure - L'organisation des objectifs opérationnels - L'implantation - Le décodage de l'information - L'expertise des comportements spontanés - Les documents et les dossiers - Le codage des observations.

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