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The Un-Natural State

Arkansas and the Queer South

Brock Thompson

The Un-Natural State is a one-of-a-kind study of gay and lesbian life in Arkansas in the twentieth century, a deft weaving together of Arkansas history, dozens of oral histories, and Brock Thompson’s own story. Thompson analyzes the meaning of rural drag shows, including a compelling description of a 1930s seasonal beauty pageant in Wilson, Arkansas, where white men in drag shared the stage with other white men in blackface, a suggestive mingling that went to the core of both racial transgression and sexual disobedience. These small town entertainments put on in churches and schools emerged decades later in gay bars across the state as a lucrative business practice and a larger means of community expression, while in the same period the state’s sodomy law was rewritten to condemn sexual acts between those of the same sex in language similar to what was once used to denounce interracial sex. Thompson goes on to describe several lesbian communities established in the Ozark Mountains during the sixties and seventies and offers a substantial account of Eureka Springs’s informal status as the “gay capital of the Ozarks.

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Un nouveau pont sur l'Atlantique

L'Accord économique et commercial global entre l'Union européenne et le Canada

L’Accord économique et commercial global (AECG) marque un tournant dans les relations entre le Canada et l’Union européenne. Les négociations ont été longues, parfois difficiles, mais les deux parties en sont finalement parvenues à une entente, officialisée à Ottawa le 26 septembre 2014. Depuis, le processus de ratification suit son cours, et tout indique qu’il sera long et complexe. Malgré les interrogations et les incertitudes qui demeurent au sujet de l’AECG, notamment sur sa mise en œuvre, cet accord est à n’en pas douter ambitieux et pionnier. Par son contenu, sa portée et ses dispositions réglementaires, il va non seulement favoriser les échanges, les affaires et la circulation des personnes entre les deux rives de l’Atlantique, mais également rapprocher, pour la première fois, le modèle économique de type contractuel de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA) du modèle de type communautaire de l’Union européenne. Le présent ouvrage retrace l’historique des négociations et met en lumière les nombreux obstacles qui ont dû être surmontés pour en arriver à un accord, mais aussi ceux qui vont se dresser jusqu’à sa ratification et sa mise en œuvre. Il présente le contenu et les principales dispositions de l’AECG, ce qui fait son originalité et ce qui le distingue de l’ALENA. Enfin, il ouvre la discussion sur les nouveaux accords dits de troisième génération qui, comme l’AECG, visent l’inter-connexion économique et introduisent à cet effet des mécanismes de coopération réglementaire d’un type nouveau.

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Un paradis de la pollution

Des villes recouvertes par des brouillards de pollution, des lacs envahis par des algues ou au contraire empoisonnés par les pluies acides, des terrains vagues imprégnés de déchets toxiques : manifestement, le Québec n’a rien à envier à ses voisins, et vit comme eux le cauchemar écologique des sociétés industrielles modernes.

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Un pays de distance et de dispersion

L’auteur de cet ouvrage, Clermont Dugas, professeur à l’Université du Québec à Rimouski, est né et a toujours vécu dans cette région. À partir d’une connaissance intime du milieu et en s’appuyant sur 12 ans de recherches, Clermont Dugas trace le portrait démographique, économique, social et culturel de l’Est du Québec. Cet essai se veut aussi un effort d’analyse spatiale et fait état de situations concernant toutes les régions faiblement urbanisées.

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The UN Secretary-General and Moral Authority

Ethics and Religion in International Leadership

Once described by Trygve Lie as the most impossible job on earth, the position of UN Secretary-General is as frustratingly constrained as it is prestigious. The Secretary-General's ability to influence global affairs often depends on how the international

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Un siècle de marxisme

Avec deux textes inédits de Karl Polanyi

Edited by Lucille Beaudry

L'importante mobilisation intellectuelle des penseurs radicaux alentour du projet de Marx a produit une floraison d'«interprétations» et de «contributions» dans tous les domaines de la connaissance des faits sociétaux. Sans dénier l'importance historique de ces apports à la connaissance, la question reste encore ouverte : l'œuvre de Marx et de ses continuateurs constitue-t-elle une rupture épistémologique radicale avec la pensée «dominante» ?

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Un siècle de propagande ?

Information.Communication. Marketing gouvernemental

L'auteur analyse et décrit les appareils de communication gouvernementaux des provinces canadiennes et évalue leur performance et leur efficacité sur le terrain en accordant une attention particulière au gouvernement fédéral et à celui du Québec et en les comparant à ceux du Royaume-Uni et de la France.

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UN Voices

The Struggle for Development and Social Justice

Thomas G. Weiss, Tatiana Carayannis, Louis Emmerij, and Richard Jolly. Foreword by Emma Rothschild

"The authors have cajoled, intrigued, or reassured their 73 'voices' into telling a fascinating story of the UN and its institutions, which is also a story of 73 individual lives, of women and men... with their own complicated histories of emigration and education, family relationships and professional choices, hopes and successes." -- from the Foreword by Emma Rothschild

"Far from being a distant bureaucracy, the UN is composed of individuals who are reshaped by vital experiences. UN Voices gives international civil servants human faces and shows how ideas drive the grand experiment. It is a fascinating book." -- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

UN Voices presents the human and moving stories of an extraordinary group of individuals who contributed to the economic and social record of the UN's life and activities. Drawing from extensive interviews, the book presents in their own words the experiences of 73 individuals from around the globe who have spent much of their professional lives engaged in United Nations affairs. We hear from secretaries-general and presidents, ministers and professors, social workers and field workers, as well as diplomats and executive heads of UN agencies. Among those interviewed are noted figures such as Kofi Annan, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Alister McIntyre, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, and Kurt Waldheim, as well as many less well known UN professional men and women who have made significant contributions to the international struggle for a better world. Their personal accounts also engage their contributions in dealing with such events and issues as the UN's founding, decolonization, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, human rights, the environment, and September 11, 2001.

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Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

Ambrose Bierce

If we could only put aside our civil pose and say what we really thought, the world would be a lot like the one alluded to in The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary. There, a bore is “a person who talks when you wish him to listen,” and happiness is “an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another.” This is the most comprehensive, authoritative edition ever of Ambrose Bierce's satiric masterpiece. It renders obsolete all other versions that have appeared in the book's ninety-year history.

A virtual onslaught of acerbic, confrontational wordplay, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary offers some 1,600 wickedly clever definitions to the vocabulary of everyday life. Little is sacred and few are safe, for Bierce targets just about any pursuit, from matrimony to immortality, that allows our willful failings and excesses to shine forth.

This new edition is based on David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi's exhaustive investigation into the book's writing and publishing history. All of Bierce's known satiric definitions are here, including previously uncollected, unpublished, and alternative entries. Definitions dropped from previous editions have been restored while nearly two hundred wrongly attributed to Bierce have been excised. For dedicated Bierce readers, an introduction and notes are also included.

Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary is a classic that stands alongside the best work of satirists such as Twain, Mencken, and Thurber. This unabridged edition will be celebrated by humor fans and word lovers everywhere.

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Unaffected by the Gospel

Osage Resistance to the Christian Invasion, 1673-1906: A Cultural Victory

Willard Hughes Rollings

For most of the nineteenth century the Osage were the targets of intense missionary activity, part of the American goal to relocate and "civilize" them. Here, too, the tactic of passive resistance served them well. Earlier scholars claimed that while the Protestant missionaries failed in their efforts to convert the Osage, the Jesuits succeeded. Rollings shows, however, that neither Protestants nor Catholics had any real success in converting the Osage to Euro-American Christianity.

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