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Ulysses' Sail Cover

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Ulysses' Sail

An Ethnographic Odyssey of Power, Knowledge, and Geographical Distance

Mary W. Helms

What do long-distance travelers gain from their voyages, especially when faraway lands are regarded as the source of esoteric knowledge? Mary Helms explains how various cultures interpret space and distance in cosmological terms, and why they associate political power with information about strange places, peoples, and things. She assesses the diverse goals of travelers, be they Hindu pilgrims in India, Islamic scholars of West Africa, Navajo traders, or Tlingit chiefs, and discusses the most extensive experience of long-distance contact on record--that between Europeans and native peoples--and the clash of cultures that arose from conflicting expectations about the "faraway.".

The author describes her work as "especially concerned with the political and ideological contexts or auras within which long-distance interests and activities may be conducted ... Not only exotic materials but also intangible knowledge of distant realms and regions can be politically valuable `goods,' both for those who have endured the perils of travel and for those sedentary homebodies who are able to acquire such knowledge by indirect means and use it for political advantage."

Originally published in 1988.

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Umm Kulthum Cover

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Umm Kulthum

Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend, 1967-2007

Laura Lohman

In 1967 Egypt and the Arab world suffered a devastating defeat by Israel in the Six-Day War. Though long past the age at which most singers would have retired, the sexagenarian Egyptian singer Umm Kulth m launched a multifaceted response to the defeat that not only sustained her career, but also expanded her international fame and shaped her legacy. By examining biographies, dramas, monuments, radio programming practices, and recent recordings, Laura Lohman delves into Umm Kulth m's role in fashioning her image and the conflicting ways that her image and music have been interpreted since her death in 1975.

The UN and Development Cover

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The UN and Development

From Aid to Cooperation

Olav Stokke

The UN and Development provides the first comprehensive overview of the development policies and activities of the United Nations system from the late 1940s to the present. With an explicit focus on the history of the ideas that have been generated, institutionalized, and implemented by UN organizations, this book examines changing trends in development paradigms from the concept of technical assistance to underdeveloped countries, as they were called in the late 1940s, to development cooperation in the 21st century. Olav Stokke traces this fascinating story and demonstrates the UN's essential role and its future challenges in aiding the least developed countries and the globe's billion poorest inhabitants.

The UN and Global Political Economy Cover

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The UN and Global Political Economy

Trade, Finance, and Development

John Toye and Richard Toye

Against the backdrop of a 20-year revolt against free trade orthodoxy by economists inside the UN and their impact on policy discussions since the 1960s, the authors show how the UN both nurtured and inhibited creative and novel intellectual contributions to the trade and development debate. Presenting a stirring account of the main UN actors in this debate, The UN and Global Political Economy focuses on the accomplishments and struggles of UN economists and the role played by such UN agencies as the Department of Economic (and Social) Affairs, the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development, and the Economic Commission for Latin America (and the Caribbean). It also looks closely at the effects of the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s, the growing strength of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the 1990s, and the lessons to be drawn from these and other recent developments.

The UN and Transnational Corporations Cover

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The UN and Transnational Corporations

From Code of Conduct to Global Compact

Tagi Sagafi-nejad in collaboration with John H. Dunning. Foreword by Howard V. Perlmutter

Are transnational corporations (TNCs) and foreign direct investment beneficial or harmful to societies around the world? Since the birth of the United Nations more than 60 years ago, these questions have been major issues of interest and involvement for UN institutions. What have been the key ideas generated by the UN about TNCs and their relations with nation-states? How have these ideas evolved and what has been their impact? This book examines the history of UN engagement with TNCs, including the creation of the UN Commission and Centre on Transnational Corporations in 1974, the failed efforts of these bodies to craft a code of conduct to temper the revealed abuses of TNCs, and, with the advent of globalization in the 1980s, the evolution of a more cooperative relationship between TNCs and developing countries, resulting in the 1999 Global Compact.

Un autre tourisme est-il possible ? Cover

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Un autre tourisme est-il possible ?

Éthique, acteurs, concepts, contraintes, bonnes pratiques, ressources

Une réflexion sur les enjeux éthiques du tourisme, un exercice de définition de l'«autre tourisme», une description des contraintes à maîtriser et des bonnes pratiques à mettre en œuvre pour que le tourisme devienne réellement une activité de développement durable et de solidarité. On espère rejoindre autant les étudiants que les responsables du développement touristique, autant les consommateurs désireux de faire des choix éclairés en matière de voyages que les communautés locales préoccupées de les accueillir en toute dignité et équité.

UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice Cover

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UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice

Richard Jolly, Louis Emmerij, Dharam Ghai, and Frédéric Lapeyre

UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice is at once a history of the ideas and realities of international development, from the classical economists to the recent emphasis on human rights, and a history of the UN's role in shaping and implementing development paradigms over the last half century. The authors, all prominent in the field of development studies, argue that the UN's founding document, the UN Charter, is infused with the human values and human concerns that are at the center of the UN's thinking on economic and human development today. In the intervening period, the authors show how the UN's approach to development evolved from mainstream areas of economic development to include issues of employment, poverty reduction, fairer distribution of the benefits of growth, equality of men and women, child development, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Un homme se penche sur son passé Cover

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Un homme se penche sur son passé

Cette œuvre fascinante, prix Goncourt de 1928, est l’un des romans les plus lus en France au XXe siècle. Pourtant, elle a aujourd’hui disparu des mémoires en raison de passages idéologiquement marqués, que Gérard Fabre replace ici dans leur contexte historique. Sa large réception et son adaptation au cinéma la confirment comme l’un des plus importants apports à l’imaginaire occidental des Prairies et de l’Arctique, aux côtés de l’œuvre de Jack London, écrivain à qui l’on a souvent comparé Constantin-Weyer. Un monde se meurt, celui des cowboys libres de l’Ouest, alors que s’installent sur les terres des immigrants qui colonisent le territoire et le cultivent. Pour les hommes tel le héros de ce roman, le Grand Nord devient alors un nouvel espace de défi et de liberté, malgré tous les dangers. Avec une introduction, des notes et une chronologie de Gérard Fabre, chercheur au Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) et à l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (ÉHÉSS).

UN Ideas That Changed the World Cover

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UN Ideas That Changed the World

Richard Jolly, Louis Emmerij, and Thomas G. Weiss. Foreword by Kofi A. Annan

Ideas and concepts have been a driving force in human progress, and they may be the most important legacy of the United Nations. UN ideas have set past, present, and future international agendas in many global economic and social arenas and have also led to initiatives and actions that have improved the quality of human life. This capstone volume draws upon findings of the other 14 books in the acclaimed United Nations Intellectual History Project Series. The authors not only assess the development and implementation of UN ideas regarding sustainable economic development and human security, but also apply lessons learned to suggest ways in which the United Nations can play a fuller role in confronting the challenges of human survival with dignity in the 21st century.

Un juste prix pour l’énergie du Québec ? Cover

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Un juste prix pour l’énergie du Québec ?

Le Québec obtient-il un juste prix pour son énergie? Pour tenter de répondre à cette question d’actualité, les auteurs examinent l’évolution de l’énergie sur les différents marchés dans le monde, au Canada et au Québec depuis 1990, puis présentent leurs bilans énergétiques en 2008, afin de considérer divers scénarios d’avenir. Moins consommer d’énergie, et surtout, mieux le faire; accepter de diversifier les sources d’énergie; viser l’autonomie au plan énergétique; devenir un leader incontournable en matière d’énergies renouvelables: le Québec a tout en main pour négocier son énergie au prix fort sur les marchés, assurant son indépendance énergétique et attirant sur son territoire des entreprises de partout qui voudront bénéficier de cette énergie. Reste à voir dans quelle voie le Québec s’engagera dans l’avenir.

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