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L'étude de cas comme méthode de recherche, 2e édition Cover

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L'étude de cas comme méthode de recherche, 2e édition

L’étude de cas permet d’analyser en profondeur des phénomènes dans leur contexte, c’est là sa plus grande force. Le recours à cette méthode qualitative doit néanmoins obéir à des normes scientifiques et être empreint d’une rigueur au moins équivalente à celle des méthodes quantitatives de recherche. De là l’importance de pouvoir compter sur ce guide de réalisation, qui propose une démarche intégrée où la fiabilité et la validité des données sont démontrées.Truffé d’exemples pratiques, il vous indiquera les différentes étapes à suivre et les activités à exécuter à chacune d'elles de façon détaillée. Vous pourrez ainsi savoir comment établir la pertinence du recours à l'étude de cas, assurer la véracité des résultats, préparer votre étude, recruter les cas, collecter les données, les traiter, les interpréter et, finalement, diffuser vos résultats. Une liste de vérification pour la réalisation des activités de chaque étape, de même qu'un canevas de rédaction du rapport de recherche, sont par ailleurs offerts en annexe.

The Measure of America, 2010-2011 Cover

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The Measure of America, 2010-2011

Mapping Risks and Resilience

Kristen Lewis, Sarah Burd-Sharps, Jeffrey Sachs

The Measure of America, 2010-2011, is the definitive report on the overall well-being of all Americans. How are Americans doing—compared to one another and compared to the rest of the world? This important, easy-to-understand guide will provide all of the essential information on the current state of America.

This fully illustrated report, with over 130 color images, is based on the groundbreaking American Human Development Index, which provides a single measure of the well-being for all Americans, disaggregated by state and congressional district, as well as by race, gender, and ethnicity. The Index rankings of the 50 states and 435 congressional districts reveal huge disparities in the health, education, and living standards of different groups. For example, overall, Connecticut ranked first among states on the 2008-2009 Index, and Mississippi ranked last, suggesting that there is a 30-year gap in human development between the two states. Further, among congressional districts, New York's 14th District, in Manhattan, ranked first, and California's 20th District, near Fresno, ranked last. The average resident of New York's 14th District earned over three times as much as the average resident of California's 20th District, lived over four years longer, and was ten times as likely to have a college degree.

The second in the American Human Development Report series, the 2010-2011 edition features a completely updated Index, new findings on the well-being of different racial and ethnic groups from state to state, and a closer look at disparities within major metro areas. It also shines a spotlight on threats to progress and opportunity for some Americans as well as highlighting tested approaches to fosteringresilience among different groups.

Using a revelatory framework for explaining the very nature of humanprogress, this report can be used not only as a way to measure America but also to build upon past policy successes, protect the progress made over the last half century from new risks, and create an infrastructure of opportunity that can serve a new generation of Americans. Beautifully illustrated with stunning four-color graphics that allow for a quick visual understanding of often complex but important issues, The Measure of America is essential reading for all Americans, especially for social scientists, policy makers, and pundits who want to understand where Americans stand today.

Mixed Methods Research Cover

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Mixed Methods Research

Exploring the Interactive Continuum

Carolyn S. Ridenour and Isadore Newman

Modèles de mesure Cover

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Modèles de mesure

L'apport de la théorie des réponses aux items

L'élaboration de stratégies, de techniques et d'instruments de mesure standardisés pour effectuer des relevés, des prévisions et des comparaisons ne date pas d'hier. Mais quelles sont les stratégies de modélisation de la mesure qui peuvent être utiles aux chercheurs en sciences sociales ? Dans cet ouvrage, à la fois guide d'apprentissage et manuel de référence, les auteurs présentent les concepts et méthodes nécessaires à la compréhension de divers modèles de mesure (théorie classique, théorie de la généralisabilité, théorie des réponses aux items) et décrivent, pour chacun, les conditions d'application, les notions d'erreur, de score vrai, d'erreur-type, d'estimation de la fidélité et d'analyse d'items. Exercices et corrigés permettront, tant aux étudiants qu'aux praticiens en psychologie comme en éducation, d'assimiler ces méthodes et de mieux en évaluer la pertinence en fonction des situations rencontrées.

Méthodologie de l'analyse développementale de contenu Cover

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Méthodologie de l'analyse développementale de contenu

Analyse de contenu. Théorie et principes généraux. Étapes de l'analyse de contenu. Modèle général. Concept de soi. Cadre théorique et méthodologique. Déroulement de l'analyse de contenu. Problématique théorique entre les approches dites «objectives» et «subjectives» dans l'étude du concept de soi. Fidélité des résultats obtenus avec la méthode GPS. Validité des résultats obtenus avec la méthode GPS.

Norms of Answerability, The Cover

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Norms of Answerability, The

Social Theory Between Bakhtin and Habermas

Greg M. Nielsen brings Mikhail Bakhtin’s ethics and aesthetics into a dialogue with social theory that responds to the sense of ambivalence and uncertainty at the core of modern societies. Nielsen situates a social theory between Bakhtin’s norms of answerability and Jürgen Habermas’s sociology, ethics, and discourse theory of democracy in a way that emphasizes the creative dimension in social action without reducing explanation to the emotional and volitional impulse of the individual or collective actor. Some of the classical sources that support this mediated position are traced to Alexander Vvedenskij’s and Georg Simmel’s critiques of Kant’s ethics, Hermann Cohen’s philosophy of fellowship, and Max Weber’s and George Herbert Mead’s theories of action. In the shift from Bakhtin’s theory of interpersonal relations to a dialogic theory of societal events that defends the bold claim that law and politics should not be completely separated from the specificity of ethical and cultural communities, a study of citizenship and national identity is developed.

Objectifying Measures: The Dominance of High-Stakes Testing and the Politics of Schooling Cover

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Objectifying Measures: The Dominance of High-Stakes Testing and the Politics of Schooling

In the past twenty years, the number of educational tests with high-stakes consequences—such as promotion to the next grade level or graduating from high school—has increased. At the same time, the difficulty of the tests has also increased. In Texas, a Latina state legislator introduced and lobbied for a bill that would take such factors as teacher recommendations, portfolios of student work, and grades into account for the students—usually students of color—who failed such tests. The bill was defeated.

Using several types of ethnographic study (personal interviews, observations of the Legislature in action, news broadcasts, public documents from the Legislature and Texas Education Agency), Amanda Walker Johnson observed the struggle for the bill’s passage. Through recounting this experience, Objectifying Measures explores the relationship between the cultural production of scientific knowledge (of statistics in particular) and the often intuitive resistance to objectification of those adversely affected by the power of policies underwritten as "scientific."

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Oral History Review

Vol. 35 (2008) through current issue

The Oral History Review, the official publication of the Oral History Association since 1973, explores the recording, transcribing, and preserving of conversations with people who have participated in important political, cultural, and economic social developments in modern times. Articles, book and film reviews, and bibliographies deal with the authentication of human experience and research findings in oral history. This journal considers a broad spectrum of different social groups, cultures, and countries through the use of interviews, songs, photos, diagrams, and storytelling.

The Origins of Capitalism and the

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The Origins of Capitalism and the "Rise of the West"

In this study, Eric Mielants provides a novel interdisciplinary interpretation of the origins of modernity and capitalism in particular. He argues that contrary to popular thinking, the Rise of the West should not be analyzed in terms of the Industrial Revolution or the colonization of the New World, but viewed from long-term developments that occurred in the Middle Ages. A fascinating overview of different civilizations in East Asia, South Asia, and Northwestern Africa is provided and systematically compared and contrasted with Western Europe. This book addresses some of the major debates that have recently unfolded in world history, comparative sociology, political economy, sociological theory and historical sociology.  Mielants indicates how many existing theories (such as Marxism, World-Systems Theory and Smithian Modernization Theory) have suffered from either Eurocentric or limited temporal and spatial analyses, which prevents them from a complete understanding of why the origins of capitalism and citizenship emerged in Western Europe.

Playing on the Edge Cover

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Playing on the Edge

Sadomasochism, Risk, and Intimacy

Staci Newmahr

Representations of consensual sadomasochism range from the dark, seedy undergrounds of crime thrillers to the fetishized pornographic images of sitcoms and erotica. In this pathbreaking book, ethnographer Staci Newmahr delves into the social space of a public, pansexual SM community to understand sadomasochism from the inside out. Based on four years of in-depth and immersive participant observation, she juxtaposes her experiences in the field with the life stories of community members, providing a richly detailed portrait of SM as a social space in which experiences of "violence" intersect with experiences of the erotic. She shows that SM is a recreational and deeply gendered risk-taking endeavor, through which participants negotiate boundaries between chaos and order. Playing on the Edge challenges our assumptions about sadomasochism, sexuality, eroticism, and emotional experience, exploring what we mean by intimacy, and how, exactly, we achieve it.

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