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The Entangled Trinity

Quantum Physics and Theology

By Ernest L Simmons

The Doctrine of the Trinity is an exercise in wonder. It is drawn from the wonder of our own existence and the diverse experiences of the divine encountered by the early Christian community. From the earliest days of Christianity, theologians of the church have drawn upon the most sophisticated language and understandings of their time in an attempt to clarify and express that faith and this task is no different today.

But how should we attempt to articulate that faith today? In this volume, Ernest Simmons engages precisely that question by asking what the current scientific understanding of the natural world might contribute to our reflection upon the relationship of God and the world in a Triune fashion.

The result is a fruitful engagement between the ancient and the current, the theological and the scientific.

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How God Acts

Creation, Redemption, and Special Divine Action

By Denis Edwards

How does the Christian doctrine of creation square with the picture of an evolving universe we receive from science today? How do the badly predatory behavior and wasteful extinction of whole species fit in with a Christian understanding?

These and a host of related questions raised by ordinary experience are tackled in this important and original work from theologian Denis Edwards. From providence and miracles to resurrection and intercessory prayer, Edwards shows how a basically noninterventionist model of divine action does justice to the universe as we know it and also to central convictions of Christian faith about the goodness of God, the promises of God, and the fulfillment of creation. Here is wonderfully lucid theology supporting a vision of how God is at work in the universe.

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Reviving Christian Humanism

The New Conversation on Spirituality, Theology, and Psychology

By Don S. Browning

Is there a future for intellectually honest faith at the service of humankind? Esteemed theologian Don S. Browning strongly argues that there is, and he here offers a manifesto for a new religious humanism.

Browning argues that the time is right for religious intellectuals in conversation with the social sciences to reinvigorate the deep humanistic strands of the grand religions and enter into global interfaith dialogue on that basis. Concentrating on the Christian heritage, he draws on such diverse disciplines to envision a broader canvas for psychology, a keener theological use of new insights from psychology, a more complex understanding of how personal change is fostered, a recognition of the indispensable role of institutions in personal formation and ethical deliberation, and in the end, a deeper spirituality that directly feeds the common human endeavor and the public good.


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Theology and the Sciences

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