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Forest and Other Gleanings

The Fugitive Writings of Catharine Parr Traill

By Catherine Parr Traill Edited by Michael Peterman and Carl Ballstadt

Forest and other Gleanings reclaims for the contemporary reader a number of stories and sketches written by Catharine Parr Traill after her emigration to Canada in 1832. While most pieces collected here appeared in magazines in Britain, the United States, and Canada, a few have been drawn from archival holdings and make their first appearance here. This collection seeks, as it were, to complete her aspirations and to offer readers interested in Traill and 19th-century Upper Canada a "gleaning" of her better sketches and stories.

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New Women

Short Stories by Canadian Women, 1900-1920

Edited by Sandra Campbell and Lorraine McMullen

New Women is an anthology of short fiction written by Canadian women between 1900 and 1920. The carefully selected stories by writers such as L.M. Montgomery, Nellie McClung, and Marjorie Pickthall provide dramatic and imaginative glimpses of Canadian society and of the women who lived during those momentous years.

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Pioneering Women

Short Stories by Canadian Women, Beginnings to 1880

Lorraine McMullen and Sandra Campbell

Pioneering Women is an anthology of short fiction written before 1880 by Canadian women, including Susanna Moodie, Catharine Parr Traill, and Rosanna Mullins Leprohon. From the Maritimes to Upper Canada, from backwoods to the drawing room, this collection demonstrates the variety that exists in stories by women of early British North America.

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The Quebec Anthology


Matt Cohen and Wayne Grady

The Quebec Anthology: 1830-1990 provides a complete overview of the Quebec short story from its beginnings to the 1990s and offers a unique opportunity for English readers to discover the essence of this fascinating literature. In addition, a detailed biography of each author and an assessment of each story's place in the larger canvas of Quebec literature are included.

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The Race and Other Stories by Sinclair Ross

By Sinclair Ross, Edited by Lorraine McMullen


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Short Stories by Thomas Murtha

Thomas Murtha

This is a collection of the published and previously unpublished short stories by Thomas Murtha, a Canadian writer born and raised in Ontario. Murtha was one of the notable experimental writers of the 1920s, but his work has been largely ignored by literary historians. Thomas Murtha was a classmate and colleague of other notable Canadians including former prime minister Paul Martin, Morley Callaghan, and Raymond Knister. Callaghan, Murtha, and Knister greatly influenced each others' work. Complete with a biographical introduction from Murtha's son, William, this collection provides insight into the work and life of one of Canada's most talented writers. 

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Stories Subversive

Through the Field with Gloves Off: Short Fiction by Nellie L. McClung

By Nellie McClung Edited by Marilyn I. Davis

First-wave feminist, activist, and social reformer, Nellie McClung ranked as one of the most popular Canadian authors and among the liveliest critics of Canada's male-dominated society. Well ahead of her time, McClung was known as a writer who dared to discuss taboo topics, and for her inimitable humour, which rivals that of Stephen Leacock. This selection of her best short fiction includes depictions of difficult rural living conditions in Western Canada as well as "consciousness-raising" stories reflecting the undue restrictions on women and the anti-female laws and attitudes of her day.

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Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie

By Susanna Moodie, Edited by John Thurston

Susanna Moodie is, of course, best known for her books Roughing It in the Bush and Life in the Clearings, which are largely comprised of short sketches that she had previously published. What is not widely known, however, is that Moodie had a long and prolific literary career in which short sketches and tales were among her favoured genres. This book offers a selection of these narratives, most of which have been unavailable in print since the 19th century. This collection will give the reader a new understanding of Susanna Moodie's work.

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Waken, Lords and Ladies Gay

Selected Stories of Desmond Pacey

Desmond Pacey

From the Canadian Short Story Library, twelve stories from Desmond Pacey, a major figure in Canadian Literature and criticism. The twelve stories are typical of Pacey's story-telling technique and what emerges from them is a distinctive, even powerful optimism, charity, tolerance and deep understanding of human nature. The sombre side of life is honestly portrayed and juxtaposed against the importance of love as a unifying force. These stories, presented in a simple straightforward manner, reveal man as he is: fragile, vulnerable, capable of crude, selfish and irrational behaviour, subject to defeat and despair; but also, heroic, enlightened, capable of strength, wisdom, hope and joy.


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