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An Educational Pilgrimage to the United States. Un pèlerinage psycho-pédagogique aux États-Unis.

Travel Diary of Raymond Buyse, 1922. Carnet de voyage de Raymond Buyse, 1922.

Marc Depaepe ; Lieven D'hulst

In 1922, a young Belgian ‘pedologist' named Raymond Buyse accompanied the famous Dr. Ovide Decroly on a study tour of the United States of America. They met with well-known American professors to learn more about the ‘scientific' study of the child and especially about applied American psychology. Buyse noted his impressions of the trip in a diary. These are scribbles, sometimes difficult to decipher, written on loose sheets, held together by a ring binder. They reflect the culture shock experienced by Buyse in confronting this dazzling nation. The young scholar writes in a lively style and with humour about his meetings with the ‘great' psychologists and educationalists of that time, visualizing his impressions of the land and the people with little drawings in the text. Here the record of this fascinating scholarly and cultural encounter is published for the first time, both in the original French with an English translation. In their exhaustive introduction Marc Depaepe and Lieven D'hulst explain the historical context of this both personal and intellectual journey to the present-day reader.

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La dottrina dei minimi nell'Epicureismo

Francesco Verde

The first monograph entirely devoted to the Epicurean doctrine of minimal parts. The Epicurean doctrine of minimal parts (ta elachista) is a crucial aspect of Epicurus's philosophy and a genuine turning point compared to the ancient atomism of Leucippus and Democritus. This book consists of three chapters: a philological and theoretical analysis of the primary sources (Epicurus and Lucretius) of the doctrine, a reconstruction of its likely historical background (Xenocrates, Aristotle, Diodorus Cronus), and a close examination of the chiefly geometrical development of this theory within the philosophical school of Epicurus. The critical examination of ancient sources (including several Herculaneum Papyri), combined with a careful analysis of the secondary literature, reveals the very significant role played by minimal parts within the Epicurean science of nature. This is the first monograph entirely devoted to the study of this important doctrine in all its historical and theoretical breadth. Questo volume esamina la dottrina epicurea dei minimi (ta elachista) che rappresenta un nodo cruciale della filosofia di Epicuro e un autentico punto di svolta rispetto all'atomismo di Leucippo e Democrito. Il libro è organizzato in tre capitoli dedicati rispettivamente: (1) all'analisi filologica e teorica delle fonti primarie (Epicuro e Lucrezio), (2) alla ricostruzione del contesto storico-filosofico a cui la dottrina dei minimi verosimilmente fa riferimento (Senocrate, Aristotele e Diodoro Crono), e, infine, (3) all'approfondimento dello sviluppo della teoria dei minimi in ambito prevalentemente geometrico all'interno della scuola di Epicuro. L'esame critico delle fonti antiche (che riguardano anche alcuni Papiri Ercolanesi), anche attraverso l'attenta analisi della letteratura secondaria, conferma il ruolo decisivo giocato dai minimi nella scienza della natura epicurea. Si tratta della prima monografia interamente consacrata allo studio di questa significativa dottrina in tutta la sua ampiezza storica e teorica.

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Elusive Russia

Current Developments in Russian State Identity and Institutional Reform under President Putin

Ria Laenen, Katlijn Malfliet (eds)

Since President Putin came to power, Russia's domestic political process underwent continuous changes. Up till now it remains unclear whether Russia is on the road towards becoming a fullfledged democracy or if it is diverting from this path. Elusive Russia brings together the views of four leading Russia experts on Russian state identity and institutional reform. Marie Mendras, Luke March, Irina Busygina and Andrei Zakharov share their original approaches on some key components of today's russian politics and bring their own perspective to the complex and ongoing process of Russia's nation and state building. They address urgent questions that relate to Russia's post-Soviet democratization process. In which way has the relationship between the legislative and executive branches of power been developing? How has Russia conceptualized itself as a federal state? How strong is the nationalist component in today's Russian politics? Which concept of the Rule of Law finds its resonance in Russia's state structures? Although Russia seems to remain an elusive entity according to the concepts of Western political sciences, this volume aims to shed some light on the ongoing political developments by offering a 'status questionis'.

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Essays on Plato’s Epistemology

Franco Trabattoni

An Innovating approach to Plato’s philosophy. Through a careful survey of several significant Platonic texts, mainly focussing on the nature of knowledge, Essays on Plato’s Epistemology offers the reader a fresh and promising approach to Plato’s philosophy as a whole. From the very earliest reception of Plato’s philosophy, there has been a conflict between a dogmatic and a sceptical interpretation of his work and thought. Moreover, the two sides are often associated, respectively, with a metaphysical and an anti-metaphysical approach. This book, continuing a line of thought that is nowadays strongly present in the secondary literature – and also followed by the author in over thirty years of research –, maintains that a third way of thinking is required. Against the widespread view that an anti-dogmatic philosophy must go together with an anti-metaphysical stance, Trabattoni shows that for Plato, on the contrary, a sober and reasonable assessment of both the powers and limits of human reason relies on a proper metaphysical outlook.

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Etude anthropologique du squelette du Paléolithique supérieur de Nazlet Khater 2 (Egypte)

Apport à  la compréhension de la variabilité passée des hommes modernes

Isabelle Crevecoeur

The study of modern human origin, variation and behaviour focused mainly on two distinct periods: the oxygen isotopic stages OIS 6 and 5e with the oldest anatomically modern human remains from Africa and the Middle East and the oxygen isotopic stages 2 and 1 with the expansion of modern humans all over the world. Currently, genetic studies agree to consider that extant human populations reflect only a restricted part of past modern human diversity. One of the key periods to try to understand the complex evolution of Homo sapiens is the oxygen isotopic stage 3. However, few complete human remains are known for this period which limits the knowledge of the Upper Pleistocene modern human variation. The Nazlet Khater 2 (NK 2) human remains represent the oldest OIS 3 complete modern human skeleton from Northern Africa. It was discovered in 1980 near Tahta in Upper Egypt by the Belgian Middle Egypt Prehistoric Project (BMEPP). This specimen, voluntarily buried, is associated to the Nazlet Khater 4 chert mining site whose exploitation period ranged from 40 to 35 Kyr BP. The Nazlet Khater 2 skeleton is complete and belongs to a young adult male. It is well preserved with the exception of the distal part of the legs and the feet. Morphological and biometrical comparative analyses of this specimen underline the complex morphology of modern humans from this time period. NK 2 exhibits several retained archaic features notably on the face and the mandible. The set of particular labyrinthine traits identified on NK 2 inner ear distinguished it partially from extant humans. Its postcranial remains are characterized by strong muscular insertions. Cross-sectional geometric properties of the long bones show adaptations to high biomechanical strengths. Furthermore, Nazlet Khater 2 has vertebral and membral lesions which are unusual for such a young specimen and might be related to intensive mining activities. The study of this specimen provides an opportunity to increase our understanding of modern human variation during this time period (OIS 3) for which few human remains are known.

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Europa, interdisciplinariteit en wetenschap

Lessen voor de eenentwintigste eeuw

Bart Raymaekers, Bart Pattyn (eds)

In de reeks ‘Lessen voor de eenentwintigste eeuw' wordt jaarlijks op een originele en toegankelijke manier nagedacht over de grote thema's van mens, wereld en wetenschap. In deze editie ligt de nadruk op Europa als de ruimte waarbinnen wetenschappelijk onderzoek zich afspeelt. De toekomst van de Europese gedachte, tussen de wereld van de euro en de wereld van de armoede, tussen de invloed op het klimaat en het groene Europa, laat telkens andere dimensies van het Europese verhaal zien. Steeds nadrukkelijker wordt duidelijk dat geen enkel thema, geen enkel onderzoeksprogramma kan beperkt blijven tot de eigen knusse ruimte. Telkens opnieuw zijn Europa en de wereld de horizon waartegen de zoektocht naar kennis en inzicht plaatsvindt. Van het groene Afrika tot de waterproblematiek, van psychofarmaca tot intellectuele eigendom is er slechts één wereld, die de onze is.

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Europa waakt

Vrijheidsbeneming onder toezicht van het Europese antifoltercomité

Edited by Tom Daems and Stephan Parmentier

Aanbevelingen en uitdagingen voor de toekomst van detentie in België Wie bewaakt de bewakers? Opsluiten van mensen is niet vrij van risico. Wie van zijn vrijheid wordt beroofd, bevindt zich immers in een afhankelijkheidspositie. In dergelijke situaties valt machtsmisbruik niet uit te sluiten. Om die reden is onafhankelijk toezicht op detentie van groot belang. Het Europese antifoltercomité (CPT) oefent reeds een kwarteeuw toezicht uit op Belgische politiecellen, gevangenissen, jeugdinstellingen, vreemdelingencentra en psychiatrische ziekenhuizen. Wat zijn de bevindingen en aanbevelingen van het CPT met betrekking tot detentie in België? In welke mate worden de aanbevelingen opgevolgd? Dit boek maakt een balans op van de bevindingen en aanbevelingen van het CPT en belicht de uitdagingen voor de toekomst van detentie in België. Bijdragende auteurs: Henri Berkmoes (advocaat balie van Antwerpen), Tom Daems (KU Leuven), Franky Goossens (KU Leuven), Inge Jeandarme (KU Leuven), Michele Panzavolta (KU Leuven), Stephan Parmentier (KU Leuven), Stefaan Pleysier (KU Leuven), Johan Put (KU Leuven), Marjan Rom (KU Leuven), Joris Vandenberghe (KU Leuven), Laura Vanduffel (KU Leuven), Frank Verbruggen (KU Leuven), Katrien Verhesschen (KU Leuven)

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The European Company Law Action Plan Revisited

Reassessment of the 2003 priorities of the European Commission

Koen Geens, Klaus J. Hopt (eds)

The harmonisation of company law has always been on the agenda of the European Union. Besides the protection of third parties affected by business transactions, the founders had two other objectives: first, promoting freedom of establishment, and second, preventing the abuse of such freedom. In fact, the fear of the Netherlands becoming the ‘Delaware of Europe' (in terms of competition among Member States) seemed real, until, ironically, at the beginning of the 21st century, it was the privilege of the Dutch (and the Danish) state to fail in making the abuse argument before the European Court of Justice. The Court was apparently at ease since comparative law research had shown that the U.S. model of state competition was more fruitful than harmful: Delaware had, among U.S states, developed the most sophisticated corporate law, and nurtured the country's most experienced company law judges. Therefore the Commission felt ready to refocus its company law strategy. On the basis of the so-called Winter Group Report, it wrote its Company Law Action Plan, which was issued on 21 May 2003. Now, six years later, a revisit is appropriate. In this volume researchers of the Jan Ronse Institute for Company law of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven present five papers on the main priorities of the Action Plan: capital and creditor protection, corporate governance, one share one vote, financial reporting, and corporate mobility. The book also includes responses and ensuing discussions by reputed European company law experts. The conclusion of the book is written by Jaap Winter.

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European Muslims and New Media

Merve Kayıkcı, Leen d’Haenens (eds)

Muslims’ online participation: Subaltern spaces, identity, community, and religious belonging. European Muslims and New Media offers perspectives on the various ways in which Muslims use new media to form and reform Muslim consciousness, identities, and national and transnational belongings, and contest and negotiate tensions and hegemonic narratives in Western European societies. The authors explore how online discussion groups, social media communities, and other online sites act as a ‘new public sphere’ for Muslim youth to voice their opinions, seek new sources of knowledge, establish social relationships, and ultimately decentre established discourses that are projected on them as Muslims in Europe. The possibilities and challenges of new media transform existing debates on Islamic knowledge, authority, citizenship, communities, and networks. European Muslims and New Media critically explores the multifaceted transformations that result from Muslims using online spaces to present, represent, and negotiate their identities, ideologies, and aspirations. Contributors: Anna Berbers (KU Leuven), Claudia Carvalho (Tilburg University), Laurens de Rooij (Durham University), Leen d’Haenens (KU Leuven), Merve Kayıkcı (KU Leuven), Sahar Khamis (University of Maryland, College Park), Joyce Koeman (KU Leuven), Jana Jevtic (Central European University), Viviana Premazzi (FIERI), Roberta Riccuci (University of Torino), Charlotte van der Ploeg (Leiden University)

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Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe

Aulularia and other Inversions of Plautus

Erkan Toğuşlu (ed.)

Muslims in Europe and the preservation of their religious-ethnic particularities. Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe explores how Muslims give meaning to Islam on a day-to-day basis. The contributions look at concrete practices, identities, memories, and normalities in daily Muslim life and provide insights to the complexities of identities. They examine Muslims’ use of and construction of spaces, daily practices, forms of interaction, and modes of thinking in different areas, resulting in a thorough analysis and framework of Muslims’ day-to-day life through topical chapters on food, space, entertainment, marriage, and mosque, covering both extent of hybridity and preservation of religious-ethnic particularities.

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