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Lawrence and Wishart was founded in 1936 and we are proud to have emerged as one of the few remaining independent publishing houses in Britain. We started life through the merger of Martin Lawrence, the Communist Party's press, and Wishart Ltd, a family-owned liberal and anti-fascist publisher. For over 80 years, we have remained true to our founders' leftist political leanings, even as our offerings have evolved to follow intellectual trends, such as critical marxism in the 1970s and cultural studies in the 1980s. Since the 1990s L&W has established a strong reputation as a publisher of journals. We now publish a number of journals, all of which attempt to engage critically with contemporary political culture in a range of different ways.

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Great and Terrible World, A Cover

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Great and Terrible World, A

The Pre-Prison Letters 1908-1926 Antonio Gramsci

Edited and translated by Derek Boothman

This edition of letters by Antonio Gramsci vividly evokes the ‘great and terrible world’ in which he lived (a description he used a number of times in his correspondence). The letters show Gramsci beginning to form the theoretical concepts that come to fuller fruition in the Prison Notebooks, but they also give an essential and rounded picture of Gramsci’s development - politically, intellectually and emotionally. Broadly speaking, the letters are of three types: early letters to Gramsci’s family; overtly political letters from Turin, Moscow, Vienna, and Rome; and letters to the Schucht sisters, including Jul’ka, whom he married while in Moscow. The political letters constitute a fascinating insight into the period, both with regard to the Communist International and, more often, to Italian politics. The letters to his wife give a poignant insight into his emotional life. The volume also includes the famous letter of 1926 in which Gramsci, writing in the name of the Italian Party’s Political Bureau, criticises the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party for their handling of internal opposition. There are approximately 200 letters in this volume, including some that have been recently discovered and published for the first time in this volume. The collection begins with the letters that the young Gramsci sent back to his family when he was a student in Cagliari and ends with the last letter he wrote before his arrest in 1926.

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new formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics

Number 78 (2013) through current issue

New Formations publishes original work that explores the uses of cultural theory for the analysis of political and social issues – be they historical or contemporary – and it publishes work from any discipline which meets this criterion, or which bears directly upon current debates within cultural theory, cultural studies, or the wider critical humanities or social sciences.

Seductions and Enigmas: Cultural Readings with Laplanche Cover

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Seductions and Enigmas: Cultural Readings with Laplanche

Edited by John Fletcher and Nicholas Ray

Jean Laplanche (1924–2012) was one of Europe’s most distinguished and influential psychoanalytic thinkers. The essays collected in this volume explore Laplanche’s distinctive critical approach to textuality and interpretation, and map the usefulness of his metapsychological theory for cultural reflection and analysis. The collection brings together work by scholars and clinicians from France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The contributions discuss the implications of Laplanche’s thought for the reading and interpretation of cultural products – literature, the visual arts and film. The book explores, among other things: Laplanche’s distinctive methodology and its metapsychological implications; the central Laplanchean notion of enigmatic signification and its effects in relation to cultural texts; and the psychoanalytic question of femininity and feminine desire in light of the general theory of seduction. Both international and interdisciplinary, this is the first anthology of critical and cultural readings organised around Laplanche’s metapsychology and inspired by his interpretative methodology. With essays by Laplanche himself, as well as Judith Butler and Jacques André, this volume represents both a theoretical engagement with psychoanalysis and an interpretation of cultural production and critical analysis.

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Soundings: A journal of politics and culture

Issue 53 (2013) through current issue

Soundings offers committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a range of issues within contemporary politics and culture. It has pioneered critical debates on new political economy, generational politics and neoliberalism, with contributions from activists, academics, policy makers and practitioners. Thematic strands run throughout the journal; recent focal points include next generation feminism, the recession's impact on young people, and the future of international green politics.

Women Against Fundamentalism Cover

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Women Against Fundamentalism

Edited by Sukhwant Dhaliwal and Nira Yuval-Davis

Women Against Fundamentalism (WAF) was formed in 1989, partly in response to the controversy surrounding Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, but also with the aim of challenging fundamentalism (across all religions) as a modern political movement that uses religion to consolidate authoritarian and repressive forms of power. WAF’s members are drawn from a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds, and from across the world. This book maps the development of the organisation over the past 25 years, through the life stories and political reflections of some of its members, focusing on the ways in which lived contradictions have been reflected in their politics. Their stories describe the pathways that led them to WAF, and the role WAF has played in their lives and in the forms of politicial activism in which they have engaged. Discussing feminist activism from different ethnic and religious back-grounds, contributors highlight the complex relationships of belonging that are at the heart of contemporary social life – including the problems of exclusionary political projects of belonging. They explore the ways in which anti-fundamentalism relates to broader feminist, anti-racist and other emancipatory political ideologies and movements.


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