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Franciscan Institute Publications

Franciscan Institute Publications

Website: http://www.franciscanpublications.com/

Franciscan Institute Publications is a leading publisher of books and journals on medieval Franciscan history, sources, spirituality, philosophy and theology as well as contemporary issues on Franciscan life and ministry.

It has published critical editions of the works of John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, Adam of Wodeham and Peter of John Olivi. Its Works of St. Bonaventure series is now in 15 separate volumes with more volumes in development. Franciscan Institute Publications has collaborated with the English-Speaking Conference of the Order of Friars Minor and the Commission on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition on two series of Franciscan thought on contemporary issues and topics.

Known for many years for its critical editions of leading medieval Franciscan philosophers and theologians, Franciscan Institute Publications has more recently endeavored to make available to a wider reading public the very best of modern scholarship on the history, spirituality and intellectual tradition of the Franciscan movement. The Works of St. Bonaventure Series is a case in point. The latest on-line version of the FIP catalog reveals a good number of monographs, translations and several new scholarly series that attempt to bridge the medieval and contemporary worlds.

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Rule of the Friars Minor, 1209-2009 Cover

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Rule of the Friars Minor, 1209-2009

Historical Perspective, Lived Realities

This volume makes available the results of a unique conference held at the Franciscan Institute in April 2009 to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Order of Friars Minor through the confirmation of the propositum vitae of the early friars by Pope Innocent III on April 16, 1209. This conference brought together for a brief but intense period of time two groups of people who do not often dialogue with each other: scholars of the Rule and practitioners of the Rule–those who study the Rule in an academic manner and those given the responsibility by their provinces of teaching and modeling the practice of the Rule in daily life. To that end, this volume presents six scholarly essays and nine interventions offered by friars from nine different areas of the globe who shared the challenges of living the Rule in diverse cultural, national and religious contexts.

Scotus and Ockham Cover

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Scotus and Ockham

Selected Essays

Allan B. Wolter, OFM

Produced over a career of six decades, Allan Wolter's monumental editions, translations, commentaries and studies constitute by far the largest and most influential body of scholarship by any modern author. The present collections brings together twelve of Wolter's seminal articles, most of which have never been reprinted, as well as two new studies written for this volume. They range over the length of Wolter's career and represent the breadth of his interests: Scotus's literary production and academic career, his metaphysics, ethics, and theologoy, and his relation to Ockham and other Franciscan theologians, This is a valuable collection for anyone working in late medieval philosophy or theology.

Scotus for Dunces Cover

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Scotus for Dunces

An Introduction to the Subtle Doctor

Mary Beth Ingham

This book is a "simple guide" to theological and philosophical aspects of the thought of the medieval Franciscan, John Duns Scotus. Known as the Subtle Doctor, Scotus has a reputation for intricate and technical reasoning. Ingham provides an insightful and creative introduction to his thought in this book. Philosophical and theological principles are explored with clarity and demonstrated by the use of numerous practical examples. By organizing the book around themes that are both timely and urgent, Ingham invites the reader into thoughtful reflection, encourages lively discussion, and challenges Franciscans in particular to consider choosing patterns of relattionships that strive for the good and beauty in all things.

Spiritual Warfare and Six Other Spiritual Writings by Peter of John Olivi Cover

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Spiritual Warfare and Six Other Spiritual Writings by Peter of John Olivi

translation, introductions and notes by Robert J. Karris, OFM

People generally identify Peter of John Olivi (d. 1298) as a theologian or philosopher. Some might also characterize him as a Franciscan reformer who ran afoul of the Roman authorities after his death. Few would venture to call him a Spiritual Director. Yet there are short works under his name that demonstrate that he was indeed a Spiritual Director. The audience for these works generally consisted of lay people who wanted to make progress on the road to perfection as well as many who felt the end times were upon them. Olivi’s four spiritual writings helped the Beguins prepare to interpret the cosmic significance of the persecuting events - the Inquisition - soon to interrupt their lives. These writings are augmented with three other pieces: His treatise on The Lord’s Prayer; his treatise on The Seven Sentiments of Christ Jesus; an abbreviated version of his commentary on Mary’s response to Gabriel in Luke 1:26-38. These additional three writings help give a wider window onto Peter of John Olivi, Spiritual Director.

Stoking the Fire of Hope Cover

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Stoking the Fire of Hope

Fioretti for Our Times

by Hermann Schaluck, OFM

The narratives - or, Fioretti (an anonymous collection of texts from the fourteenth century about the early days of the Franciscan family) - presented in this book attempt to draw from subjective experiences and events in today's Franciscan family on several continents and in many cultures. In the metaphors and comparisons of picturesque and sometimes unusual language, they present to Francis's brothers and sisters today's problems and challenges and the question of the meaning of the Franciscan heritage in contexts different from that of the Middle Ages.

The Sunday Sermons of St. Bonaventure Cover

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The Sunday Sermons of St. Bonaventure

Introduction, Translation and Notes by Timothy J. Johnson

The twelfth volume of the BTTS Series provides the careful reader with rich meditation through the liturgical year as well as new insights into the spiritual and apostolic formation of Bonaventure’s Franciscan confreres.

The Teacher of His Heart Cover

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The Teacher of His Heart

There was a passion, an intense energy of love that drove Francis to center his entire life in Christ. Christ was, indeed, the teacher of his heart. This book concentrates on the Christological dimension of Francis’s thought seen through the prism of his writings and against the background of the world in which he lived.

Trinitarian Perspectives in the Franciscan Theological Tradition Cover

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Trinitarian Perspectives in the Franciscan Theological Tradition

Mariah Calisi, Ph.D.

Trinitarian Perspectives in the Franciscan Theological Tradition by Dr. Maria Calisi builds substantially on the previous volumes in the Franciscan Heritage series sponsored by the Secretariat for the Retrieval of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (CFIT) of the English Speaking Conference of the Order of Friars Minor. Dr. Calisi is an authority on the theology of Saint Bonaventure. Her exposition of the foundations of the Seraphic Doctor's theology in the contemplative experience of and reflection on the relational nature of God's life retrieves an important theological perspective applicable to our contemporary search for meaning. Well schooled in the patristic inheritance, Calisis engages the reader with a simple but profound analysis of the creedal sign shared by all Christians: In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. In these pages we will discover how doctrine can shape life, and life, doctrine; how faith-filled human beings rooted in Trinitarian love can bear great fruit for both Church and society by engaging practitioners in action supportive of personal dignity, ecumenical relationships, social transformation, and ecclesial reform.

True Followers of Justice Cover

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True Followers of Justice

Identity, Insertion and Itinerancy among the Early Franciscans

As thirteenth-century urban populations increased, the friars, entrusted by the Church with the ministry of preaching, naturally needed to go where the people were. At the same time they needed to honor their way of life, which required them to live prayerfully in fraternities, yet not settle down permanently in stable religious houses after the monastic model.

An Unencumbered Heart Cover

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An Unencumbered Heart

A Tribute to Clare of Assisi 1253 - 2003

A certain Lady Clare died in San Damiano near Assisi on 10 August 1253. She did not know that seven centuries later she would become the patron saint of television. All she wanted in her adult life was to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ like her fellow Assisian and friend, Francis. It took Clare her lifetime to obtain the recognition she wanted: the papal written approval of the life of the Poor Sisters of San Damiano. When the long awaited papal bull arrived on 9 August 1253, she had done what she wanted to do; she passed away two days later. In tribute to the 750th anniversary of her death, Franciscan Institute Publications offers this volume of essays on Clare.

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