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Léann an Dúchais

Aistí in Ómós do Ghearóid Ó Crualaoich

Edited by Stiofán Ó Cadhla and Diarmuid Ó Giolláin

This collection of fourteen essays covers a wide range of material that reflects the current range of enquiry within the traditional discipline of folklore, the range of interaction between it and various other disciplines, and indeed the breadth of Gearóid Ó Crualaoich’s own interests. Areas covered include the history and practice of fieldwork / collection, the historical and current interaction between the oral and written traditions in Ireland, the use of oral sources for historiography, the ideologies underlying the establishment of museums in Ireland and internationally, and individual studies of oral and material phenomena, an Ghaeilge agus an idé-eolaíocht pholaitiúil .

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Landscape and Society in Contemporary Ireland

by Brendan McGrath

This book is both about exceptional Irish landscapes like the Burren and also the everyday landscape experience in Ireland. The aim of the book is to give an account of contemporary Irish landscape and to describe and explain how it has changed over the last forty years and how it continues to change

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The Life and Music of James Wilson

by Mark Fitzgerald

This book is the first study of the Irish composer James Wilson (1922–2005). A founding member of Aosdana in the 1950s and 60s, Wilson was a key figure in the Music Associatoon of Ireland and played an important role in developing the structures that support composers and musicians in Ireland today.

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The Life and Work of George Boole

A Prelude to the Digital Age

by Desmond MacHale

This book, aimed at the general reader and now available in paperback for the first time, is the first full-length biography of George Boole (1815–1864) who has been variously described as the founder of pure mathematics, one of the fathers of computer science and discoverer of symbolic logic. Boole is mostly remembered as a mathematician and logician whose work found application in computer science long after his death, but this biography reveals Boole as much more than a mathematical genius; he was a child prodigy, self-taught linguist and practical scientist, turbulent academic and devoted teacher, social reformer and poet, psychologist and humanitarian, religious thinker and good family man – truly a nineteenth-century polymath.

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Listen, O Isles, unto me

Studies in Medieval Word and Image in honour of Jennifer O'Reilly

Edited by Elizabeth Mullins and Diarmuid Scully

This interdisciplinary collection, which brings together new research on a range of patristic and medieval texts and visual materials, sets the cultural transformation of early medieval Ireland and Britain in the context of these islands’ inheritance from late antiquity and their engagement with the wider medieval world. It testifies to the imaginative ways in which scholars and artists assimilated and creatively re-interpreted the Christian and Mediterranean culture they encountered through the coming of Christianity, a central theme in the work of Dr Jennifer O’Reilly.

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Making Christian Landscapes in Atlantic Europe

Conversion and Consolidation in the Early Middle Ages

edited by Tomás Ó Carragáin and Sam Turner

Landscapes across Europe were transformed, both physically and conceptually, during the early medieval period (c AD 400-1200), and these changes were bound up with the conversion to Christianity and the development of ecclesiastical power structures. Whilst Christianity represented a more or less common set of beliefs and ideas, early medieval societies were characterised by vibrant diversity: much can potentially be learned about these societies by comparing and contrasting how they adapted Christianity to suit local circumstances. This is the first book to adopt a comparative landscape approach to this crucial subject.It considers the imprint of early medieval Christianity on landscapes along the continent’s western shore from Galicia to Norway, and across the northern islands from Britain and Ireland to Iceland. The construction of new monuments clearly led to some major physical changes, but landscapes are not just affected by tangible, material alterations: they are also shaped by new types of knowledge and changing perceptions. Christianity was associated with many such changes including new ways of seeing the land that directly affected how landscapes were inhabited and managed. By examining how people chose to shape their landscapes, this book provides fresh perspectives on the Christianisation of Atlantic Europe.

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The Mass Settings of Seán and Peadar Ó Riada

Explorations in Vernacular Liturgical Chant

by John O'Keefe

The book represents an exploration of three Irish-language mass settings for the Roman Rite, two by Seán and one by Peadar Ó Riada, written from within the cultural context of the Gaeltacht of Cúil Aodha. In it the author highlights the significance of the achievements of both composers (particularly the younger of the two), validating their work against the heritage, discipline and compositional principles of western plainchant and heralding its significance as a model for contemporary vernacular liturgical music.It should be of interest to theologians, liturgists, liturgical musicians, musicologists, chant scholars and indeed ethnomusicologists. The Ó Riada aspect will its own market, particularly in Ireland. It presents an investigation into the liturgical music of Seán and Peadar Ó Riada through an examination of three Roman-Rite mass settings composed in the Irish vernacular from within the cultural context of the West-Cork Gaeltacht of Múscraí. The main part of the work, running from Chapters Three to Six, consists of a detailed analysis of the contents of the mass settings, a body of material which is considered from the following perspectives: as emanating from a living culture of native traditional song; as part of a historical continuum of monophonic liturgical composition for the Roman Rite, having at its origins the compositional traditions of plainchant; as part of a broader aesthetic context of text-music relationships found in the repertoires of plainchant, medieval song and folksong; and finally, as part of the new liturgical reality existing since the Second Vatican Council which requires viable and sustainable musical approaches to the setting of vernacular texts.

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Models for Movers

Irish Women’s Emigration to America

by Íde B. O’Carroll

Models for Movers is a unique collection of Irish migrant women's oral histories spanning three waves of twentieth-century emigration, 1920s, 1950s, 1980s. Each woman describes how she created a new life in America, often in the face of multiple challenges there. The women inspire us to have the courage to act.The women's voices speak to and against the regulated silences surrounding both emigration and the reality of Irish women's lives. They also provide a multigenerational tapestry of experience into which women leaving Ireland today can weave their stories.

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Motherhood and Infertility in Ireland

Presence of Absence

by Jill Allison

Through the lens of infertility, this book is a cultural account of shifting meanings of conception, fertility, motherhood and family in the current climate of changing Irish social life. This book portrays how the taken for granted associations between nature, reproduction, marriage, family and morality are also shaping the production of new kinds of reproductive knowledge and the use of reproductive technologies in Ireland.

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Of War and Wars Alarms

Reflections on Modern Irish Writing

by Gerald Dawe

The book considers the impact of European history from WW1 onwards on Irish writing and provides a narrative from 1914 through 1916, to the Civil War in Ireland and Spain, the experiences of WW2 and the emergence of the northern ‘Troubles; concluding with the revisiting of ‘history’ in the current generation of Irish writers, including as postscript a critical ‘memoir’. The book examines the interconnections between a number of Irish poets (W B Yeats, Thomas MacGreevy, Francis Ledwidge, Charles Donnelly, among many others) and novelists (Christabel Bielenberg, William Trevor, Benedict Kiely, Paul Murray) and the underlying political causes of nationalism and unionism, north and south, since the partition of Ireland alongside an exploration of various influences of European culture on Irish writing.

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