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Cork University Press

Cork University Press

Website: http://www.corkuniversitypress.com

Cork University Press aims to stimulate Irish learning by reflecting distinctive and distinguished scholarship in its lists. The Press began publishing in 1925 and is the oldest university press in Ireland. Its philosophy has been to encourage a broad spectrum of debate in the field of Irish Studies by publishing research which engages with contemporary cultural debate.

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Cork University Press

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The Development of Sport in Donegal, 1880-1935 Cover

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The Development of Sport in Donegal, 1880-1935

the Development of Gaelic Games in Donegal, 1884–1934

by Conor Curran

This book looks at the development of the GAA in Donegal from 1884-1934 and is the first book to give a full-length examination of the rivalry between organisers of Gaelic football and soccer in an Irish county. It is also the first to look at the geography of these sports.

Documentary in a Changing State Cover

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Documentary in a Changing State

Ireland since the 1990s

edited by Carol MacKeogh and Díóg O’Connell

This timely collection of essays, Documentary in a Changing State: Ireland since the 1990s, examines the role of Irish documentary in film and television as Ireland experienced dramatic shifts in its social and political make-up in recent decades. Bringing together a diverse range of perspectives, this book tells it from the standpoint of the documentary-maker, the academic and the policy-maker. It reveals the role of documentary in telling stories that challenge the hierarchies of church and state, at the same time reflecting and representing the change brought about as a result in shifts to the political and social landscape.Documentaries discussed in this collection include the work of independents such as Alan Gilsenan, Louis Lentin, Mary Raftery, Donald Taylor Black and Ken Wardrop alongside television series including Would You Believe and Prime Time Investigates. Post-conflict and multi cultural Ireland is explored through the reflective practice of academics working in the medium of documentary. The impact of cultural policy and technological change to the landscape of documentary is considered through an examination of the output of TG4, changes to the commissioning process and the effects of digital media. This book looks back over the last two decades through the prism of documentary to get a snap shot of the dramatic shifts and upheavals in Irish society, socially, culturally and politically.

The Dynamics of War and Revolution: Cork City, 1916-1918 Cover

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The Dynamics of War and Revolution: Cork City, 1916-1918

by John Borgonovo

At the beginning of the First World War, Irish separatists in the city of Cork were marginalised and without political power. By the war’s end, they had supplanted the local elite and launched a bloody war for independence. Using Cork as a case study, this book considers how the First World War brought about political revolution in Ireland, examining: wartime failures of constitutional nationalism; anxieties over food shortages; explosions in trade unionism; the effects of government repression; rising expectations for self-determination; the creation of a mass independence movement; and strident opposition to military conscription. For the first time, the Irish Revolution is viewed through a First World War prism, yielding results that will surprise students of both subjects.

Eco-Joyce Cover

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The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce

This collection introduces and examines the overarching ecological consciousness evinced in the writings of James Joyce. Reading Joyce with a keen attention to the manner in which the natural and built environment functions as context, horizon, threat, or site of liberation in Joyce’s writing offers an engaging and fruitful way into the dense, demanding, and usually encyclopedic formation of knowledge that comprises Joyce’s literary legacy.

Elizabeth Bowen's Selected Irish Writings Cover

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Elizabeth Bowen's Selected Irish Writings

Edited by Eibhear Walshe

This anthology of the Irish writings of the Anglo-Irish novelist, Elizabeth Bowen 1899-1973 gathers together, for the first time, her Irish writings including her  lectures, essays, reviews and reports and includes an extensive introductory essay by the editor as well as annotations and a critical bibliography .

End-of-Life Care:   Cover

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End-of-Life Care:

Ethics and Law

Edited by Joan McCarthy, Mary Donnelly, Dolores Dooley, Louise Campbell and David Smith

This book offers an Ethical Framework for end-of-life decision making in healthcare settings. The Framework, consisting of eight Modules of Learning, is a set of educational resources for health professionals, allied professionals, healthcare ethics and law lecturers and students. It aims to foster and support ethically and legally sound clinical practice in end-of-life treatment and care in Ireland.

The Female Figure in Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin’s Poetry Cover

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The Female Figure in Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin’s Poetry

This is a six chapter study of the image of the female in Ní Chuilleanáin’s poetry emphasizing the ways in which she revises conventional cultural images of women in order to challenge stereotypical images and create a more multidimensional perspective on women’s lives and achievements. It explores the way in which she uses history, myth and folklore, religion and ritual, and architectural space to revise and create alternative female figures.

Flann O’Brien Cover

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Flann O’Brien

Contesting Legacies

This book brings together a number of established Flann O’Brien scholars (Keith Hopper, Joseph Brooker, Jennika Baines, Neil Murphy, Thierry Robin) Joyceans (John McCourt, Thomas Jackson Rice), authors (Julian Gough), translators (Adrian Otoiu) and emerging Flann scholars to broaden and develop the critical space opened up by various conferences and events held during the Flann O’Brien centenary year. This will be achieved by re-drafting the Flann O’Brien canon, considering him in new and broader inter/national contexts and by testing the previously under-explored range of critical perspectives through which his work may be profitably approached.

Going to the Well for Water Cover

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Going to the Well for Water

The Seamus Ennis Field Diary 1942-1946

Ríonach uí Ógáin

This is a translation of the diaries of Seamus Ennis, fulltime collector of music and song with the Irish Folklore Commission describing his day-to-day work, the people he met, the material he gathered and his constant communication with the head office of the commission in Dublin. In addition to presenting the history of folklore collecting, the book also illustrates life in the Gaeltacht during the Second World War. Although best known as a piper, Ennis was a collector par excellence. The book is a personal account of his field work during those years.

Gold, Silver and Green Cover

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Gold, Silver and Green

The Irish Olympic Journey, 1896-1924

Kevin McCarthy

The book focuses on the Irish and Irish diasporal involvement in the Olympic Games. It discusses in detail the sporting involvement but, even more so, the political and national battles which accompanied the Irish Olympic journey prior to independence. It challenges our traditional perceptions of sporting nationalism and places the Irish story in a quite unique international context, showing how decisions made in London, Lausanne and New York had a profound impact on the Irish sporting, and national, destiny.

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