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The Empress and the Heavenly Masters

A Study of the Ordination Scroll of Empress Zhang (1493)

Luk Yu-ping

Over twenty-seven meters long, the Ordination Scroll of Empress Zhang (1493) is an important Ming Dynasty Daoist artifact from the San Diego Museum of Art’s collection that records the imperial ordination of Empress Zhang (1470–1541), consort of the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi emperor (r. 1488–1505), by Zhang Xuanqing (d. 1509), the forty-seventh Heavenly Master of the Zhengyi institution. This book uncovers the history of imperial ordinations through a detailed examination of the scroll’s transcriptions and the meticulously-painted images of celestial beings, as well as the influences of the Daoist leaders known as the Zhengyi Heavenly Masters.

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Ethics Unbound

Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality

By Katrin Froese

This book closely examines texts from Chinese and Western traditions that hold up ethics as the inviolable ground of human existence, as well as those that regard ethics with suspicion. The negative notion of morality contends that because ethics cannot be divorced from questions of belonging and identity, there is a danger that it can be nudged into the domain of the unethical, since ethical virtues can become properties to be possessed with which the recognition of others is solicited. Ethics thus fosters the very egoism it hopes to transcend, and risks excluding the unfamiliar and the stranger. The author argues inspirationally that the unethical underbelly of ethics must be recognized in order to ensure that it remains vibrant.

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Facility Siting in the Asia-Pacific

Perspectives on Knowledge Production and Application

Edited by Tung Fung, S. Hayden Lesbirel, and Kin-che Lam

This volume explores the management of conflicts arising from the siting of unwanted projects in the Asia-Pacific, a region inadequately explored by the relevant literature. The work includes studies on a variety of locations, including Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and others. Contributions are drawn from several leading scholars intimately familiar with the locations under study, and employ theoretical, comparative, and policy-based approaches to analysis of environmental conflict, risk management, and public participation. The editors also provide introductory and concluding sections in which the siting issues under discussion are summarized and contextualized. The result is a collection that serves as an invaluable aid and source of information for policymakers, environmentalists, and scholars of the Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

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Darren Nash

Eclectic and experimental in style this poetry collection and its stylistic range reflects the diversity of research in the field of medicine. The topics examined range from health economics and specific diseases to biological mechanisms and technology platforms used in research. Some also provide a lens to the feelings and pressures of patients and doctors, whilst others delve into the workings of the mind. Several have layers and patterns for the reader to discover as an allusion to the process of research itself. It starts with the key to successful research—collaboration and fellowship and ends on a reflection of humanity and the humbling of mankind gained through service to others. As such the collection epitomizes the path that transforms passion into perfection and enshrines the drive of the Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to gain and apply knowledge and understanding for the benefit of all.

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Financial Analysis in Hong Kong

Qualitative Examination of Financial Statements (2nd edition) for CEOs and Board Members

By Benny K. B. Kwok

Financial statements facilitate the communication between corporations and various stakeholders. The integrity, stability and transparency of such communication help preserving Hong Kong as a top global financial centre.To many laypersons, looking through financial statements can be like reading novels in a foreign language, with a sea of jargon obscuring the statements’ true meaning. Financial Analysis in Hong Kong 2nd Edition is a product of experience, feedback and chapter review as well as an update of the changes in practices, guidelines, standards and legislations since its 1st edition in 2008. This 2nd edition provides a clear, concise reference for analysing corporations’ financial statements.Based on the evaluations of published financials, this book is a convenient standalone guide for both novices and financial professionals in the boardroom and beyond.

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Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms

Edited by Peter Lorge

The period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-960) has long been treated as an anomaly in the history of China, an age of great disunity between the empires of the Tang and the Song dynasties. Breaking with previous scholarship on China's middle period, this edited volume presents individual studies that focus on the art, culture, and politics of the interregnum, challenging underlying assumptions about the unitary nature of dynastic culture and its value as a category of historical analysis. It understands these decades as a time of important transition in which the incipient cultural shifts of the mature Tang dynasty turned into the foundations of Song society. Consequently it highlights the complex narrative processes that gave birth to Song culture.

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Flash Cards

Chinese and English Bilingual Version

Yu Jian, Translated from Chinese by Wang Ping and Ron Padgett

Flash Cards is a primer of modern Chinese life—constructing a complex philosophical vision from swatches of daily events and observations. As Yu Jian has written about his own work: "It is possible to see eternity—to see everything—in a teacup or a candy wrapper. Everything in the world is poetry." The JINTIAN [今天] series of contemporary literature features new and innovative writing from mainland China and abroad. Titles in the series are edited by Bei Dao, Lydia H. Liu, and Christopher Mattison. A collaborative venture between Zephyr Press, the Jintian Literary Foundation, and The Chinese University Press, each bilingual title highlights the ever-changing literary culture of China while simultaneously expanding the English language with a wave of new voices in translation.

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The Flower Princess

A Cantonese Opera by Tong Dik Sang

Translated, edited and introduced by Bell Yung

THE FLOWER PRINCESS (Dae Neui Fa or Din?hua in Mandarin) has become the most renowned Cantonese Opera since its 1957 premier in Hong Kong. The opera is a serious political drama played out between the Han and non-Han following the fall of the Ming dynasty, and the plot pits romantic love against the lofty Confucian ideals of social hierarchy and moral rectitude. This is the first complete English translation of the opera, featuring text, song titles, speech types, and choreographic and stage setting. It also contains a foreword by Pak Suet Sin (Bai Xuexian), the celebrated Cantonese Opera actress who created the role of the Princess in the original production.

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A Garden of One’s Own

A Collection of Modern Chinese Essays, 1919–1949

Edited and translated by Tam King-fai

This authoritative collection contains writings by some thirty of the most significant Chinese writers of the period between 1919 and 1949. The three decades from which these pieces are drawn encompass most of the Republican period, a tumultuous era in Chinese history in which modernization and republicanism coexisted with classical culture. Thematically, these xiaopin wen, or modern Chinese essays, differ significantly from the more social and political fiction of the May Fourth movement. Their scope varies, from ruminations on broader existential issues to more personal contemplations on everyday life, often delving into issues of morality and interpersonal relations. Although described as “essays,” they are not restrained by the formal, expository connotations of this English term; rather, their tone is more intimate, reflective, and at times witty or tinged with melancholy.

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The Gate of Darkness

Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement

Tsi-an Hsia

As one of the few foundational texts to provide a critical overview of the aesthetics and politics of the leftist literary movement in China, The Gate of Darkness was previously published by the University of Washington Press in 1968 to great critical acclaim. Posthumously edited by the author’s brother Professor C. T. Hsia, this book critiques the works of leftist Chinese writers including Lu Hsün, Chiang Kuang-tz’u, and the “Five Martyrs.” As one of the few foundational texts to provide a critical overview of the aesthetics and politics of China’s leftist literary movement, The Gate of Darkness examines the conflicting dilemmas between leftist authors’ own ideals and the strict ideological frameworks imposed by the propaganda policies of the Chinese Communist Party in the early twentieth century. Numerous reviews appearing in the leading East Asian studies journals have acknowledged the historical importance of the book which has few comparisons. The cultural critic Leo Ou-fan Lee believes that this book gives one of the most significant scholarly analyses of Lu Xun’s work towards the end of his life, revealing the “darkness” that pervaded his later works such as “Wild Grass.” He calls Tsi-an Hsia “a creative and compassionate scholar” who has opened Lu Hsün’s inner “gate of darkness” to unveil “a fascinating world of demons and ghosts as dramatized in village operas and popular superstitions.”

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