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Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters Cover

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Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters

Cynthia B. Roy, Editor

Analyzing Syntax and Semantics features the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) approach. This method uses student performance objectives, practice, feedback, individualization of pace, and repeatable testing as instructional strategies.

Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators Cover

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Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators

Challenges of Interpretation

Melanie Metzger and Earl Fleetwood, Editors

The second volume in the Studies in Interpretation series delves further into the intricacies of sign language interpreting in five distinctive chapters. In the first chapter, Lawrence Forestal investigates the shifting attitudes of Deaf leaders toward sign language interpreters. Forestal notes how older leaders think of interpreters as their friends in exchanges, whereas Deaf individuals who attended mainstream schools possessed different feelings about interpreting. Frank J. Harrington observes in his chapter on British Sign Language-English interpreters in higher education that they cannot be viewed in isolation since all participants and the environment have a real impact on the way events unfold. In Chapter Three, Maree Madden explores the prevalence of chronic occupational physical injury among Australian Sign Language interpreters due to the stress created by constant demand and the lack of recognition of their professional rights. Susan M. Mather assesses and identifies regulators used by teachers and interpreters in mainstreaming classrooms. Her study supports other findings, including the success of ethnographic methods in providing insights into human interaction and intercultural communication within classroom settings. The fifth chapter views how interpreters convey innuendo, a complicated undertaking at best. Author Shaun Tray conducts a thorough examination of innuendo in American Sign Language, then points the way toward future research based upon ethnography, gender, and other key factors.

Borrowed Tongues Cover

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Borrowed Tongues

Life Writing, Migration, and Translation

Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada Cover

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Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada

Translation and Transculturation / traduction et transculturation

The essays in Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada provide a nuanced view of Canadian transcultural experience. Rather than considering Canada as a bicultural dichotomy of colonizer/colonized, this book examines a field of many cultures and the creative interactions among them. This study discusses, from various perspectives, Canadian cultural space as being in process of continual translation of both the other and oneself.

Les articles réunis dans Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada donnent de l’expérience transculturelle canadienne une image nuancée. Plutôt que dans les termes d’une dichotomie biculturelle entre colonisateur et colonisé, le Canada y est vu comme champ où plusieurs cultures interagissent de manière créative. Cette étude présente sous de multiples aspects le processus continu de traduction d’autrui et de soi-même auquel l’espace culturel canadien sert de théâtre.

Charting the Future of Translation History Cover

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Charting the Future of Translation History

Edited by Georges L. Bastin and Paul F. Bandia

Over the last 30 years there has been a substantial increase in the study of the history of translation. Both well-known and lesser-known specialists in translation studies have worked tirelessly to give the history of translation its rightful place. Clearly, progress has been made, and the history of translation has become a viable independent research area.

This book aims at claiming such autonomy for the field with a renewed vigour. It seeks to explore issues related to methodology as well as a variety of discourses on history with a view to laying the groundwork for new avenues, new models, new methods. It aspires to challenge existing theoretical and ideological frameworks. It looks toward the future of history. It is an attempt to address shortcomings that have prevented translation history from reaching its full disciplinary potential. From microhistory, archaeology, periodization, to issues of subjectivity and postmodernism, methodological lacunae are being filled.

Contributors to this volume go far beyond the text to uncover the role translation has played in many different times and settings such as Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle-east and Asia from the 6th century to the 20th. These contributions, which deal variously with the discourses on methodology and history, recast the discipline of translation history in a new light and pave the way to the future of research and teaching in the field.

City of the Dead and Song of the Night Cover

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City of the Dead and Song of the Night

translated by Gilbert C. F. Fong and Mabel Lee

Presented in English for the first time in this book are two plays by Gao Xingjian originally written in Chinese: City of the Dead and Song of the Night. City of the Dead is the first of Gao Xingjian’s plays to focus fully on the male-female relationship. In this work, he transforms a wellknown ancient morality tale, “Zhuangzi Tests His Wife”, which had been used to caution women against being unfaithful to their husbands, into a modern play that is in keeping with his own sympathetic stance towards women in male-female relationships. In a certain sense, City of the Dead may be regarded as defining Gao’s fundamental view that men possess a flippant and cavalier attitude to their female sexual partner or partners, and that women who become involved in sexual relationships with men are therefore doomed to suffer. Among Gao Xingjian’s theatrical portrayals of the female psyche, Song of the Night is his most ambitious and most detailed one. Gao’s articulation of the female psyche is embedded in a solid substratumbedrock of his autobiographical impulses. It is through female actors, and his range of ingenious theatrical innovations that Gao succeeds in convincingly portraying his personal view of the power dynamics generated in male-female sexual relationships, and how these are played out. Together, these two plays advance Gao Xingjian’s innovative theatrical experiments in dramatic prose across linguistic and cultural boundaries. The English translations of City of the Dead and Song of the Night in the present volume will lead to significant English-language productions of these plays, and concomitantly a greater understanding of Gao’s plays.

Computer-Aided Translation Technology Cover

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Computer-Aided Translation Technology

A Practical Introduction

Lynne Bowker

Lynne Bowker introduces the world of technology to the world of translation in this unique book, the first of its kind. Bowker reveals the role of technology in translation and how to use this ever developing tool.

D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel Cover

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D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel

La traduction du Coran et la construction de l'image de la femme

Naïma Dib

La mise en tutelle de la musulmane est-elle cautionnée par le Coran? L'idée de l'infériorité de la femme est-elle réellement inscrite dans le Coran? Telles sont les questions auxquelles l'auteure tente de répondre dans le présent ouvrage. Elle se penche sur les diverses approches adoptées par des penseurs réformistes musulmans, dont elle expose les enjeux sociaux, politiques et culturels ainsi que les finalités. Elle procède à une analyse comparative du Coran et d'un certain nombre de traductions françaises et anglaises, à l'issue de laquelle elle fait émerger une conception de la femme et du monde différente de celle proposée par les traductions. Elle explore ensuite le discours social commun, discours auquel participe la traduction, et qui se révèle empreint d'une vision androcentrique dans laquelle l'infériorité de la femme découle d'une construction humaine, inspirée par un besoin de domination. Grâce aux analyses sémiotique et sociohistorique, l'auteur démontre que le Coran peut être lu autrement et ce qui en ressort est une conception plus égalitaire de l'homme et de la femme.

De interpretatione recta - De la traduction parfaite Cover

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De interpretatione recta - De la traduction parfaite

Leonardo Bruni ,traduction, introduction et note des Charles Le Blanc

Le traité De interpretatione recta de l'humaniste italien Leonardo Bruni fut rédigé vers 1424. Il représente le plus ancien traité de traduction connu après les réflexions de saint Jérôme, et se présente comme un manifeste de la culture humaniste. Les grandes questions théoriques sur le transfert linguistique se lient aux réflexions sur le rapport entre mots et choses, style et pensées. Présenté dans une édition critique richement commenté, ce traité est indispensable à l'historien de la traduction et forme le premier maillon d'une chaîne de la compréhension sur cette science de l'incertitude qu'est la traduction. Le texte original en latin est présenté en face d'une nouvelle traduction française de Charles Le Blanc.

De l’autre côté du Jourdain Cover

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De l’autre côté du Jourdain

Margaret Laurence

Ghana, 1956. Nous sommes à la veille de l’indépendance. Nathaniel Amegbe est professeur dans une école ghanéenne plutôt médiocre. Johnnie Kestoe est comptable dans une firme textile britannique à Accra. Les deux hommes s’affronteront autour de la question de l’« africanisation », cette politique de passation des responsabilités entre Britanniques et Ghanéens.

De l’autre côté du Jourdain est le premier roman de Margaret Laurence, cette matriarche de la littérature. Cette traduction est une invitation à découvrir une facette méconnue de l’œuvre d’une grande écrivaine qui, pendant son séjour en Afrique de 1950 à 1956, a su capter tout l’espoir et les bouleversements imposés par les indépendances africaines à l’ordre du monde.

Mais avant tout, il s’agit d’une invitation à découvrir une Afrique fébrile, des personnages attachants, le tout écrit avec un talent incontestable, dans une pluralité de voix à couper le souffle.

Réflexion sur l’indépendance, tant intérieure que politique, De l’autre côté du Jourdain annonçait déjà les grands romans emblématiques de Laurence, dont, L’ange de pierre et Les devins.

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Results 1-10 of 72


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