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Partners in Education Cover

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Partners in Education

Issues and Trends from the 21st International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

Donald F. Moores, Editor

The 21st International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) witnessed revolutionary exchanges on the vital themes in education. Presenters addressed topics encompassing seven major strands: Educational Environments, Language and Literacy, Early Intervention, Unique Challenges in Developing Countries, Educating Learners with Diverse Needs, Technology in Education, and Sign Language and Deaf Culture. These presentations and ensuing dialogues raised many complex questions. Partners in Education: Issues and Trends from the 21st International Congress on the Education of the Deaf features all of the keynote addresses by renowned luminaries in deaf education: Breda Carty, Karen Ewing, Nassozi Kiyaga, John Luckner, Connie Mayer and Beverly Trezek, volume editor Donald F. Moores, Peter V. Paul, Antii Raike, Claudine Storbeck, James Tucker, and Alys Young. Most critically, the contributors to this collection explore the many multifaceted challenges facing the world’s deaf students. Deaf children are being diagnosed with overlays of disabilities; more deaf children are growing up in poverty; and many deaf children represent minority racial/ethnic groups or are immigrants to their country of residence. The situation for deaf individuals in the most impoverished countries of the world is desperate and of crisis proportions. This volume brings these themes to light through its exceptional synthesis of the outstanding discourse that took place at ICED 2010, including abstracts from 30 celebrated conference presentations.

Recherches sur les difficultés d'enseignement et d'apprentissage des mathématiques Cover

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Recherches sur les difficultés d'enseignement et d'apprentissage des mathématiques

Regard didactique

Les préoccupations du milieu scolaire quant aux difficultés d’apprentissage des mathématiques apparaissent grandissantes, comme en témoignent les demandes faites aux chercheurs par les services éducatifs des commissions scolaires et par le ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. Si plusieurs des recommandations qui circulent sont influencées par des travaux en neuropsychologie et en psychologie cognitive, l’enseignement des mathématiques concerne d’abord le champ de la didactique des mathématiques. Cet ouvrage, réalisé par un groupe de chercheurs francophones majoritairement composé de didacticiens des mathématiques, s’articule autour de trois thèmes : 1) les conceptions et cadres théoriques sur lesquels s’appuient les recherches portant sur l’enseignement des mathématiques aux élèves en difficulté ; 2) la description de pratiques d’enseignement des mathématiques en classe spéciale ou auprès d’élèves en difficulté ainsi que les recommandations qui en découlent ; 3) la description d’expérimentations didactiques au regard des questions qui se posent en enseignement et des propositions didactiques qui sont envisagées pour y répondre. S’adressant aux didacticiens, aux formateurs et à ceux qui œuvrent directement auprès d’élèves en difficulté d’apprentissage des mathématiques au primaire et au secondaire, l’ouvrage met en relief des enjeux d’enseignement et d’apprentissage en présentant les résultats de recherche au regard des situations, des lieux de production d’un ensemble de stratégies et de raisonnements mathématiques.

Special Education in the 21st Century Cover

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Special Education in the 21st Century

Issues of Inclusion and Reform

Margret A. Winzer and Kas Mazurek, Editors

In the late 20th century, a tidal wave of calls for reform and inclusion of special needs students swept over public special education. The current debates over implementing these themes today are authoritatively addressed by 19 distinguished scholars in this thorough volume. Organized into three cohesive sections, it begins with the issues of educational reform and the emerging discourses of disability and integration in the inclusion movement. Respective chapters appraise specific arguments for inclusion and the federal legislation and litigation surrounding and supporting special education. The second part features the thorny issue of assessment, the technological revolution in special education, and the disposition of teacher training. The third section scrutinizes the inclusion of various populations of students with exceptional needs, particularly how teachers can make an easy transition from ideology to educational practice. Special Education in the 21st Century sets the standard for extrapolating future directions by wisely weighing classroom practices for different groups and the technical problems of resources, management, social groupings, instructional design, and the supposition that teachers will automatically change to accommodate an even greater diversity of learners.

Speechreading Cover

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A Way to Improve Understanding

Harriet Kaplan, Scott J. Bally, and Carol Garretson

Speechreading: A Way to Improve Understanding discusses the nature and process of speechreading, its benefits, and its limitations. This useful book clarifies commonly-held misconceptions about speechreading. The beginning chapters address difficult communication situations and problems related to the speaker, the speechreader, and the environment. It then offers strategies to manage them. Speechreading provides practical exercises illustrating the use of these communication strategies in actual situations. It is an excellent book for late-deafened adults, families and friends, parents of children with hearing loss, and professionals and students.

Stimuler le potentiel d'apprentissage des enfants et adolescents ayant besoin de soutien Cover

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Stimuler le potentiel d'apprentissage des enfants et adolescents ayant besoin de soutien

Pour aider les intervenants actuels et futurs ainsi que les parents dans leur rôle d'éducateur, l'auteure présente une démarche d'enseignement-apprentissage développée pour répondre directement aux besoins des jeunes présentant une déficience intellectuelle ou des difficultés à apprendre. Celle-ci prend en considération les processus cognitifs impliqués dans l'apprentissage ainsi que la dimension émotionnelle qui influencent l'actualisation du potentiel des jeunes.

Taking Control Cover

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Taking Control

Autonomy in Language Learning

Richard Pemberton ,Agnes Lam ,Winnie W.F. Or ,Herbert D. Pierson

TAKING CONTROL: Autonomy in Language Learning focuses on an area of language learning and teaching that is currently receiving an increasing amount of attention.

Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms Cover

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Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms

New Scholarship

A new initiative known as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) strives to improve education today by methodically examining and assessing the vital component of classroom interaction. This collection presents research by five professors who adopted SoTL methodology to study their own classrooms at Gallaudet University, a uniquely diverse bilingual institution that employs both American Sign Language (ASL) and written English. The Gallaudet study, called the GSTLI, intended to create an engaged learning community that investigated, reflected upon, and documented strategies that most effectively enhance learning for linguistically diverse, visually oriented populations. After extensive SoTL training, the GSTLI professors reviewed interaction in their respective classrooms. Through meticulous study of class videos and written assignments in three General Studies Requirements courses for first-year students, the teachers learned how to ensure connecting with students who have a variety of language differences and communication methods. The other professors assessed bottlenecks in classes on the linguistic structure of ASL, and on criminal justice. The linguistics professor identified the bottleneck as the students’ inability to conceptualize the interrelationship between definitions and examples, a fundamental skill to scientific thinking. In the criminal justice class, the professor saw the need to guide students through linguistic bottlenecks by providing materials in both ASL and English. The successes of the GSTLI presented in this unique volume can benefit other teachers by better preparing them to meet the needs of bilingual diverse learners in more effective ways.

Testing Deaf Students in an Age of Accountability Cover

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Testing Deaf Students in an Age of Accountability

Robert C. Johnson and Ross E. Mitchell, Editors

Despite the idealism represented by the No Child Left Behind law’s mandate for accountability in education, deaf students historically and on average have performed far below grade level on standardized tests. To resolve this contradiction in deaf education, this collection presents a spectrum of perspectives from a diverse corps of education experts to suggest a constructive synthesis of worthy ideals, hard realities, and pragmatic solutions. Contributors to this study include volume editors Robert C. Johnson and Ross E. Mitchell, Ed Bosso, Michael Bello, Betsy J. Case, Patrick Costello, Stephanie W. Cawthon, Joseph E. Fischgrund, Courtney Foster, Christopher Johnstone, Michael Jones, Jana Lollis, Pat Moore, Barbara Raimondo, Suzanne Recane, Richard C. Steffan, Jr., Sandra J. Thompson, Martha L. Thurlow, and Elizabeth Towles-Reeves. These noted educators and researchers employ experiences from Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois and California to support their findings about the dilemma facing deaf students and their teachers. They assess the intent and flexibility of federal law; achievement data regarding deaf students; potential accommodations and universal design to make tests more accessible; possible alternatives for deaf students not ready for conventional assessments; accounts of varying degrees of cooperation and conflict between schools and state education departments; and the day-to-day efforts of teachers and school administrators to help deaf students measure up to the new standards. By presenting these wide-ranging insights together, Testing Deaf Students in an Age of Accountability provides a unique opportunity to create genuine means to educate deaf students for the only test that matters, that of life.

Total Communication Cover

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Total Communication

Structure and Strategy

Lionel Evans

Total communication, a method utilizing a combination of visual and auditory cues in an attempt to maximize comprehension, has long been a focus of debate by the deaf community, families of deaf children, and education professionals. For perhaps the first time, this book documents total communication’s historical and philosophical roots and analyzes the strengths and limitations of total communication's elemental parts and their salient linguistic properties.

Turning the Tide Cover

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Turning the Tide

Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing School Children

Both Gina A. Oliva and Linda R. Lytle each know what it is like to be the only deaf student in a mainstream school. Though they became successful educators, they recognize the need to research the same isolation experienced by other deaf and hard of hearing persons. In this way, they hope to improve education for current and future deaf students. Their efforts have culminated in Turning the Tide: Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing School Children. Turning the Tide presents a qualitative study of deaf and hard of hearing students who attended mainstream schools. The authors conducted three focus groups in different regions in the country, enlisting six to eight participants with diverse backgrounds for each session. They also gathered information from 113 online respondents who answered the same questions used in the focus groups. The respondents discussed many issues, including the difficulties of finding friends and social access, the struggle to establish an identity, the challenges of K‒12 interpreting and class placement, and the vast potential of summer and weekend programs for deaf students. Their empowering stories clearly demonstrate that no deaf or hard of hearing student should be educated alone. The authors elicited comments on other changes that parents, advocates, and other allies could work toward to improve further the educational environment of deaf children.

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