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Les Franco-Ontariens Cover

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Les Franco-Ontariens

Sous la direction de Cornelius J. Jaenen

Est-il possible, aujourd’hui, d’écrire l’histoire des Franco-Ontariens ? Disposons-nous de sources suffisantes pour entreprendre un tel projet ? En fait, peut-on affirmer qu’il existe une collectivité franco-ontarienne identifiable et non simplement des îlots dispersés de Franco-Ontariens ? Les auteurs de cet ouvrage répondent par l’affirmative et démontrent le développement d’une société à personnalité distincte qui s’affirme de plus en plus dans de nombreux domaines. Ils analysent ainsi l’apparition, dans un contexte historique, des traits particuliers de l’existence économique, sociale et culturelle de cette communauté. Apportant au projet sa vision et ses observations, chaque auteur traite d’un sujet spécifique, laissant au lecteur le soin d’effectuer sa propre synthèse. Les Franco-Ontariens est un ajout important à l’histoire d’une communauté linguistique qui, depuis les premières traces de la présence française dans le « pays d’en haut », s’est fort diversifiée et connaît une évolution accélérée.

Les Immigrants préférés Cover

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Les Immigrants préférés

Les Belges

Sous la direction de Serge Jaumain

Cet ouvrage est le fruit d’un colloque international organisé par le Centre d’études canadiennes de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles. Il en ressort que l’impact de la présence belge au Canada n’est pas négligeable : elle se remarque surtout dans les domaines religieux, économiques et socioculturels.

The Life Writings of Mary Baker McQuesten Cover

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The Life Writings of Mary Baker McQuesten

Victorian Matriarch

How did a privileged Victorian matron, newly widowed and newly impoverished, manage to raise and educate her six young children and restore her family to social prominence?

Mary Baker McQuesten’s personal letters, 155 of which were carefully selected by Mary J. Anderson, tell the story. In her uninhibited style, in letters mostly to her children, Mary Baker McQuesten chronicles her financial struggles and her expectations. The letters reveal her forthright opinions on a broad range of topics — politics, religion, literature, social sciences, and even local gossip. We learn how Mary assessed each of her children’s strengths and weaknesses, and directed each of their lives for the good of the family. For example, she sent her daughter Ruby out to teach, so she could send her earnings home to educate Thomas, the son Mary felt was most likely to succeed. And succeed he did, as a lawyer and mpp, helping to build many of Hamilton’s and Ontario’s highways, bridges, parks, and heritage sites, and in doing so, bringing the family back to social prominence.

Mary Baker McQuesten was also president of the Women’s Missionary Society. The appearance, manner, and eloquence of various ministers and politicians all come under her uninhibited scrutiny, providing lively insights into the Victorian moral and social motivations of both men and women and about the gender conflicts that occurred both at home and abroad.

This book will satisfy many readers. Those interested in the drama of Victorian society will enjoy the images of the stern Presbyterian matriarch, the sacrificed female, family mental illness, the unresolved death of a husband, and the dangers of social stigma. Scholars looking for research material will find an abundance in the letters, well annotated with details of the surrounding political, social, and current events of the times.

Living with Strangers Cover

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Living with Strangers

The Nineteenth-Century Sioux and the Canadian-American Borderlands

David G. McCrady

The story of the Sioux who moved into the Canadian-American borderlands in the later years of the nineteenth century is told in its entirety for the first time here. Previous histories have been divided by national boundaries and have focused on the famous personages involved, paying scant attention to how Native peoples on both sides of the border reacted to the arrival of the Sioux. Using material from archives across North America, Canadian and American government documents, Lakota winter counts, and oral history, Living with Strangers reveals how the nineteenth-century Sioux were a people of the borderlands.

The Sioux made great tactical use of the Canada–United States boundary. They traded with the Métis of Canada—often in contraband goods such as arms and ammunition—and tried to get better prices from European traders by drawing the Hudson’s Bay Company into competition with American traders. They opened negotiations with both Canadian and American officials to determine which government would accord them better treatment, and they used the boundary as a shield in times of warfare with the United States. Until now, the Canadian-American borderlands and the people who live there have remained a blind spot in Canadian and American nationalist historiographies. Living with Strangers takes readers beyond the traditional dichotomy of the Canadian and the American West and reveals significant and previously unknown strands in Sioux history.

Locations of the Sacred Cover

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Locations of the Sacred

Essays on Religion, Literature, and Canadian Culture

Where do Canadians encounter religious meaning? Not where they used to!

In ten lively and wide-ranging essays, William Closson James examines various derivations of the sacred in contemporary Canadian culture. Most of the essays focus on the religious aspects of modern Canadian English fiction — for example, in essays on the fiction of Hugh MacLennan, Morley Callaghan, Margaret Atwood and Joy Kogawa. But James also explores other, non-literary events and activities in which Canadians have found something transcendant or revelatory.

Each of the chapters in Locations of the Sacred can be read independently as a discrete analysis of its subject. Taken as a whole, the essays make up a powerful argument for a new way of looking at the religious in contemporary Canada — not in the traditional ways of being religious, but in activities and locations previously thought to be “secular.” Thus, the domains and modes of the religious are expanded, not restricted.

À l'ombre de l'INCO Cover

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À l'ombre de l'INCO

Étude de la transition d'une communauté canadienne-française de la région de Sudbury (1890-1972)

Donald Dennie

Se plaçant dans une optique résolument matérialiste, l’auteur étude l’histoire socio-économique d’une communauté canadienne-française de la région de Sudbury entre 1890 et 1972. L’étude décrit le passage, après la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, d’un mode de petite production indépendante au mode de production capitaliste et explique comment ce passage a affecté la vie des Canadiens français de Rayside-Balfour, à l’ouest de Sudbury. L’auteur concentre son attention sur la paroisse, les rapports de production et de propriété, le pouvoir religieux et laïque, et l’évolution démographique de cette population de langue française. L’ouvrage utilise de nombreux documents, pour la plupart inédits, tels que les titres de propriété du Bureau d’enregistrement des titres du district du Sudbury, les données des rôles d’évaluation, les registres des deux paroisses de langue française, les procès-verbeaux des réunions des conseils municipaux et des « Timber Books » du district de Sudbury. Des histoires de vie de pionniers et pionnières de la communauté révèlent comment ces gens ont perçu et vécu cette période de transition.

Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada Cover

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Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada

Mythic Discourse and the Postcolonial State

Jennifer Reid

Reid examines Riel's religious background, the mythic significance that has consciously been ascribed to him, and how these elements combined to influence Canada's search for a national identity. Reid's study provides a framework for rethinking the geopolitical significance of the modern Canadian state, the historic role of Confederation in establishing the country's collective self-image, and the narrative space through which Riel's voice speaks to these issues.

« L’Union fait la force! » Cover

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« L’Union fait la force! »

L’Union Saint-Joseph d’Ottawa/du Canada 1863-1920

Pierrick Labbé

En 1863, un groupe de travailleurs originaires du Québec et domiciliés à Ottawa décident de fonder une association de prévoyance pour aider leurs prochains dans le besoin. En s’inspirant de leurs expériences respectives au sein d’associations de prévoyance québécoises, les fondateurs établissent une première société de secours mutuels canadienne-française à Ottawa : l’Union Saint-Joseph d’Ottawa. Malgré une naissance et des débuts modestes, cette association connaîtra une grande histoire. Elle deviendra l’une des plus grandes sociétés fraternelles nationales, avec des ramifications dans plus de 600 communautés canadiennes-françaises du Canada et des États-Unis. Cet ouvrage analyse la fondation de l’Union Saint-Joseph d’Ottawa et son évolution entre 1863 et 1920. Durant cette période, cette petite association locale, dont les activités visent essentiellement le secours de la classe populaire, évolue pour devenir une grande société fraternelle nationale vouée à la sauvegarde des intérêts des Canadiens français. L’essentiel de ces mutations survient à la fin du XIXe siècle, alors qu’une petite élite entreprend des réformes administratives qui changent la manière de gérer la mutualité. Cette élite en profite également pour reformuler le projet social de l’association et ses objectifs afin de transformer l’Union Saint-Joseph en un instrument de lutte pour la survivance canadienne-française.

Making Babies Cover

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Making Babies

Infants in Canadian Fiction

Although the infant has been a consistent figure in literature (and, for many people, a significant figure in personal life), there’s been little attention focused on infants, or on their place in Canadian fiction, until now.

In this book, Sandra Sabatini examines Canadian fiction to trace the ideological charge behind the represented infant. Examining writers from L.M. Montgomery and Frederick Philip Grove to Thomas King and Terry Griggs, Sabatini compares women’s writing about babies with the way infants appear in texts by men over the course of a century. She discovers a range of changing attitudes toward babies. After being seen as a source of financial burden, social shame, or sentimental fantasy, infants have increasingly become a source of value and meaning.

The book challenges the perception of babies as passive objects of care and argues for a reading of the infant as a subject in itself. It also reflects upon how the representations of infancy in Canadian literature offer an intriguing portrait of how we imagine ourselves.

Margaret Laurence Cover

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Margaret Laurence

Critical Reflections

Edited and with an introduction by David Staines

This book highlights the accomplishments of one of Canada's most acclaimed and beloved fiction writers, Margaret Laurence. The essays in this collection explore her body of work as well as her influence on young Canadian writers today.

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