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The Concept of Botho and HIV/AIDS in Botswana

Joseph B. R. Gaie, Sana K. MMolai

Publication Year: 2013

Ever since the publication of Placide Tempel's epoch-making work Bantu Philosophy, African philosophers have worked to dispel the myth that there is no metaphysics in Africa. In the East African context we remember the names of Joseph Nyasmi and Odera Oruka, and in the West African context, Pauline Hotoundji and Kwesi Wiredu have made monumental contributions to elucidate African metaphysics. This compendium, presented by a group of scholars from the University of Botswana, seeks to build bridges between the seemingly estranged disciplines of African metaphysics, existential philosophy, and economics in the contexts of HIV/AIDS.

Published by: African Books Collective


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The context of HIV&AIDS is that there has been a debate, or rather an assumption or assumptions as to where the disease belongs. Is it just a medical problem that needs medical solutions, or is there much more to it than that? Those of us who reflect on these matters soon realise that no disease is just a medical problem. ...

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Chapter One - Botho and HIV/AIDS: A Theological Reflection

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Botho is an answer to the question: “What is authentic humanity?” Botho, at face value, is a Sotho-Tswana equivalent of the English word “person”, so Botho can in the same way be translated to mean personhood. The Sotho-Tswana language groups, found mainly in Botswana, South Africa, and Lesotho, ...

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Chapter Two - The Setswana Concept of Botho Unpacking the Metaphysical and Moral Aspects

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The word Botho is a noun of classes 1.2 (one two) and 14 (fourteen) in the Setswana language (Mogapi, 1984:12). It comes from the root –tho (Mogapi, 1984:20). The word means “a human being” as a metaphysical entity, and “a person” at a moral level. These concepts will be examined below for us to understand the moral significance of this term in this book. ...

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Chapter Three - The Maid, Botho, and HIV/AIDS Infections: The Economic and Ethical Perspectives

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The continuing HIV&AIDS infection amongst Batswana is still a cause for concern. The search for reasons on the continuing new infections will therefore carry on. Perhaps one of the reasons could be the lack of Botho in our people. Botho is sometimes referred to as humanity; it is a phenomenon, a theory, or a framework that advocates for compassion and care amongst the human race. ...

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Chapter Four - The Significance of Cultural and Religious Understanding in the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Botswana

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Ever since the first cases of HIV&AIDS were reported in Botswana in the 1980’s, there have been certain notions that people maintained in their interpretation of the HIV&AIDS problem. Most of these ideas were culturally and religiously-based. Examples of such notions include the following: ...

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Chapter Five - Methods used to Combat HIV/AIDS in Botswana: Implications for Botho

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The introductory chapters have fully explored the concept of Botho. It is in the context of the foregoing that in this chapter we analyze the implications of the methods used to combat HIV&AIDS for Botho. Our aim in this chapter is to explore and establish how some of these methods may be understood to be contradicting Botho. ...

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Chapter Six - The Role of Religious Education in promoting Botho: Implications for the fight against HIV/AIDS

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The Botswana education system aims at developing Botho. An analysis of government documents on education reveals that one of the principle aims of education in Botswana is the development of people with acceptable moral behaviour. ...

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Chapter Seven - Should Prospective Students Be Tested for HIV/AIDS Prior to Overseas Scholarship Grants? A Moral Perspective

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There are many Batswana students studying abroad in countries such as Australia, Britain, Malaysia, India, China, Singapore, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Republic of Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America, and others. The students are pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in various specialties. ...

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This book is not just about Botho as a concept. It is much more. It is an attempt at self definition of Batswana. It raises the question: who or what is Batswana? What identifies the pople of Botswana? Mmualefhe provides an answer, or at least part of an answer. ...

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Contributing Authors

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Mr. Innocent S. Botshelo is a lecturer at the University of Botswana and holds a post Graduate Diploma in Financial and Business Economics from University of Essex and a Masters degree in Economics and Finance from University of Sheffield. ...

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Publication Year: 2013