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Absolute Power and other stories

Ambrose Rotich Keitany

Publication Year: 2013

The themes cover a wide range - from the tenacity with which old demagogues hold on to political power, to teenage love and infactuation in the village setting; family life with its challenge and inexorable attraction of married men to their extra-marital satisfaction.

Published by: African Books Collective


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Before you, are twelve short stories exploring aspects of the 21st Century life in the rural as well as urban African setting, and giving you a jolt on the bliss of courtship and the pain of maintaining a marriage. The themes cover a wide range—from the tenacity with which old demagogues hold onto political power, to teenage love and infatuation in the village setting; ...

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Jematia’s Day

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pp. 1-8

It is half past seven in the morning but Komen is already high after taking two litres of Kiprewon, the early morning drink. His lament on who should cultivate for him his land at Chebaren is a regular tune heard when Jematia is serving the rest of the family with tea and pancakes. ...

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In Pursuit of Power

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pp. 9-18

Flanked by elderly mothers and a couple of unknown drunkards holding high the candidate’s portrait, the flamboyant skilled orator makes his entry to the town-centre from the direction of the post office. From this point, he can clearly see that a number of voters have assembled at Kapkeyes, the traditional venue for final election campaigns. ...

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August Sunday

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pp. 19-22

Ngriii…………….. Ngriiii, the telephone rang at a rather ungodly hour. It was half past two in the morning. Dad woke up and tiptoed to the sitting room unaware that I too had heard the phone and was already on the extension. ...

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Absolute Power

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pp. 23-32

The six-foot tall, chivalrous hercules came to power in the tiny Caribbean country of Mendoza at a time when majority of the citizens were virtually fed up with the leadership of the aged president. The president, a maniacal strongman, bred a cult of personality by holding mass tribal ceremonies where dancers would perform spectacular routines, ...

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An Epistle of the Departed

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pp. 33-36

I know you are all in utter shock and seeing my body lying in state is something you have all failed to come to terms with. It was after a long deliberation that I decided to commit this abominable act. I could not stand it anymore and I just had to let my spirit go, and it is my hope that my incomprehensible action will one day set you, my dear brothers and sisters, free. ...

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Eternal Twelve Hours

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pp. 37-44

“Hey Kijana! It is long past eight and you are still in bed? Can you get out of bed and quickly make the necessary preparations. We should be in your new school by noon.” Those were the terse words of Yusuf, the Army Sergeant-Major, to his son Musa who was due to report to form one in a city school. ...

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The Landing

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pp. 45-50

The sun-rays penetrate through the enigmatic hill of Nuregoi which stands above the plains of Kaptiony. Against this backdrop, the little village of Sanjun enjoys the beauty of the late afternoon sunlight and the natives find the sunshine conducive to attend to daily chores, like young girls collecting firewood from the nearby bushes, ...

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A Saturday of Sots

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pp. 51-56

It is 5.00a.m. on Saturday. The sun is still shy. In the distant bushes, the quails scatter noisily from the attacking wildcat, but Saina is already at work. His long beard, unkempt hair and the heavy sideburns give him the looks of a man in his fifties. But the village idiot is only thirty. ...

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Seed of Evil

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pp. 57-60

Onesmus Matende had somehow survived the violence these three weeks, partly because he had remained indoors most of the time and partly because no one was sure of his tribe. For all his 65 years of life, he had lived among the people of the lake in the city slums. ...

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pp. 61-70

Occasionally, you could see students coming out and going into the national library. That early morning, I had been sent to the town by my mother to go and collect some items in the supermarket. The streets were busy, so I decided to walk on the pavement. ...

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A Glimpse of the Deity

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pp. 71-76

This story is about Tito, not his friends or his family, just about Tito. I know what is going through your mind right now, you are asking what is there of importance that I can say about Tito. And I will tell you Tito saw God! Impossible? Wait and see and then tell me what you think at the end of the story. ...

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Torn Asunder

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pp. 77-88

Maximilla’s happiest day was when she got married to Jackson at the Cathedral. It was refreshing to see so many faces turning up to agree unanimously that Jack was now hers and she was his. She had never thought, not even once, that Jack would take her hand in marriage. ...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789966040329
Print-ISBN-13: 9789966734143

Page Count: 98
Publication Year: 2013