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Fears, Doubts and Joys of Not Belonging

Benjamin Hart Fishkin, Bill F. Ndi

Publication Year: 2013

This book is an opportune warning that alienation, estrangement and intentional diminishment serve as a cancer upon those who disburse it. The outsider suffers by being alone; the insider suffers even more by being forever known as a hypocrite who perpetuates dystopia. It uses literature as a hothouse for poisonous potted plants, the workings of a mind in turmoil and the exploration of a society or societies that seems to derive pleasure from othersí ruin. Fears, Doubts, and Joy of Not Belonging considers themes that are biblical in scope from different societies and historical epochs. It is a sobering spiritual enlightenment of a childís ìsilent treatmentî in adult form. The text complements language engineers and social scientists who are on a quest or search for how the individual responds to pressure that is unexpected, ill-conceived and in desperate need of alleviation. Not only does this particular type of cancer differ from the type a surgeon can treat, the stage at which this malady is diagnosed causes far more problems than if it were dealt with head on. Pursuing numerous examples of estrangement, this diverse text delves into a wide spectrum of human behavior while coming to the realization that these problems are universal and have been with us for a long, long time. The purpose of resistance, individuality and personal identity is to rise above these obstacles without losing hope, resilience or optimism.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page, Copyright

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The Editors

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Table of Contents

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The authors of this provocative book explore distinctions of individual and group belonging, as well as manifestations of not belonging. Written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and those seeking knowledge about the complexity of...

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Fears, Doubts and Joys of not Belonging comes at an appropriate moment. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the subsequent “not guilty” verdict pronounced to his murderer, a large number of Americans as well as people from around the world (familiar with...

Section I: Prose and Verse on the Verge

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Chapter 1. Bill F. Ndi’s Social Angst and Humanist Vision

Emmanuel Fru Doh

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pp. 3-30

After reading K’cracy, Trees in the Storm and other Poems, it is obvious that the poet Bill F. Ndi would have been banished from Plato’s republic with all speed. Because there are hardly any songs in the volume praising the gods, Plato would have seen Ndi as a true poet...

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Chapter 2. In Moments like These: Emmanuel Fru Doh and the Mirrors of Romanticism

Antonio Jimenez Munoz

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pp. 31-54

Despite both the French and English languages being official in the country, the Anglophones who form the minority in Cameroon have long denounced marginalization by the Francophone majority. They have claimed that their language, disfavored against French as the...

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Chapter 3. Warring Estrangement in E. Coxere’s Adventures by Sea

Bill F. Ndi

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pp. 55-80

Edward Coxere in his Adventures by Sea indulges in a war against what would indubitably be styled endemic and systemic forms of oppressions and exclusion. To explore and comprehend this autobiography today, a quick glance must be cast at the early Quaker...

Section II: Outside Looking in

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Chapter 4. Out of the Circle: United Marginals in Francis B. Nyamnjoh’s The Travail of Dieudonné

Adaku T. Ankumah

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pp. 83-106

Alienation has been a topic of interest in the literature of the twentieth century. Haakayoo Zoggyie notes in his recent publication on the same topic that though the reasons for alienation may be different, alienation is found in people in the “deepest recesses of the...

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Chapter 5. F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Pain of Exclusion

Benjamin Hart Fishkin

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pp. 107-124

For all his elegance and talent as a social critic, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literature is about deterioration. He intimately laid bare a loss of heart and a breaking of confidence. In reverse proportion to the Hollywood films he wrote for or at MGM his search for love and...

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Chapter 6. Minority Identity and the Question of Social Failure in John N. Nkengasong’s Across the Mongolo

Blossom Fondo

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pp. 125-152

Fiction from formerly colonized societies still continues to engage passionately with the question of their colonization. This is not so because colonization constitutes the only reality for these societies. Rather it testifies to the enduring legacies of the colonial experience, which decades after its formal end are still felt in these societies ...

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Chapter 7. Changing the Status Quo from the Margins in Bill F. Ndi’s Gods in the Ivory Towers

Adaku T. Ankumah

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pp. 153-172

The performing arts in oral tradition had a functional role and was relevant to the concerns of society. Though the entertainment component was present, the stories, poems, proverbs, riddles were not simply told merely as art for art’s sake; they were also used to...

Section III: Strangers at Home and Abroad

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Chapter 8. A Costly Gift to the Receiver: Francis B. Nyamnjoh and the Alienation of the African

Benjamin Hart Fishkin

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pp. 175-196

In the eighteen forties, when Benjamin Disraeli looked at the social degeneration of Great Britain in Sybil, he came to the conclusion that the nation was in serious trouble. Society had become polarized and underneath the appearance of prosperity were sharp economic and...

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Chapter 9. Willful and/or Imposed Alienation in Recent African Emigration Narratives

Robert Alvin Miller and Gloria Nne Onyeoziri

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pp. 197-214

In discussing the notion of alienation in a West Indian context, Alain Brossat and Daniel Maragnès explain that

often, in its development, we see the word “alienation” slip discretely from the classic meaning conferred on it by German philosophy (Entfremdung: the fact of being a stranger to oneself)...

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Chapter 10. Blighting Companionship: Emmanuel Fru Doh’s The Fire Within, A Tale of Passion and Alienation

Bill F. Ndi

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pp. 215-238

In the micro context of Cameroonian literature, or again in the macro context of African literature, Anglophone Cameroonian Literature (ACL) as an emerging subset brings with it an array of writers. These writers, besides their desire to pursue the traditional trends expressed...


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Back Cover

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Page Count: 274
Publication Year: 2013