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The Black Man and his Visa

Jean Tardif Lonkog

Publication Year: 2013

Tardif is the son of a medical practitioner, an herbalist and a spiritual healer in northwestern Cameroun. When his father eventually gives up his practice, his mother struggles to put him and four of his sisters through high school. But financing university is a challenge. Tardif works for seven years in the farms and as a school teacher and seeks help from all quarters of the globe to try to raise money for university in his home country. Then one day he finds himself in China ñ studying Chinese medicine ñ and hoping for a better life than the one he had in Cameroon. The predicaments are as challenging as they are profoundly instructive. Tardif poses as a Dutchman and as an American to get jobs teaching English and survive in his host country. He ends up earning the respect of his students and employers, but not without everyday encounters with precarity. Just as one problem is resolved, another always seems to be brewing on the horizon. Tardif autobiographically opens his adventures, his transformations and his musings on Chinese and African ways of thinking and living to those interested in intercultural mobility and learning about life. His story reads like a dairy and keeps one wondering what will happen next.

Published by: African Books Collective

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1. Circumstances that led me to travel to China

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pp. 1-12

...not less than eighty patients a day, therefore his life was not and call for him, “Papa, patients have come,” and return with return to the bar. His life was a daily routine like this. Most of he just had to sit there. With this kind of habit, naturally the she always took loans at the village meetings. At times, it was ...

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2. Where did the idea to travel to China come from?

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pp. 13-18

I could not think of leaving Cameroon for China. All my farming could not yield much to help me leave the country. I had in mind that with all the misery, leaving the country for greener pasture was a great idea,...

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3. Visa process at the Chinese consulate in Douala in Cameroon

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pp. 19-33

uncle’s friend or brother’s friend is in this or that country. They will help me go abroad. That is it. They do not know what this or that person is doing abroad but only that he will help me go abroad. They mention these relatives are in Europe, America and Canada. They never mention African countries, for it...

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4. How could I raise 700 000 francs (1400 dollars) to buy my ticket?

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pp. 34-41

stayed all along in Douala during the visa process. When she returned home, I told her the surprise news: “Visa in hand.” It was wonderful. She said an “X” visa was not the easy type to have. “X” means it is a student visa for an indefinite stay as compared to an “F” (business) visa or an “L” (tourist) visa. We rejoiced in...

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5. A medical student at the Taiyuan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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pp. 42-49

...got into a taxi at once and headed straight to the train station. short sleeved shirt, I still felt a bit comfortable. James asked travelled all night and arrived in Taiyuan city the next day. We herbology very interesting. However, as a first time learner of materialized. It did not take me long to notice that the air was ...

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6. Teacher at number 1 middle school in Xian Yuan

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pp. 45-59

...introduced me saying, “This is Tardif from Holland.” For this tongue to sound American or British, all the better for you. If present in a long and large party hall. We all sat round a long stations. All these things were for me alone. I was the foreign the teachers’ restaurant. This was good for me. Because I had ...

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7. Back to Taiyuan and the shock of seeing my visa expired

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pp. 60-69

...my “F” visa to run out. If everyone knew about me, it meant small, but I did not care. At least it was a bit cleaner and had terrible. I felt as if my blood was not circulating. I felt almost have a work visa, because I could get a work visa only if I had teachers. Therefore, the hope was only for a business or “F” ...

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8. The period of September 2006 to July 2007

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pp. 70-79

...traditional Chinese girl. Although I visited her family several teach them, they do not like you. I faced this resistance in my authorities. I told him to explain to the girl that he was busy Chinese friend. This lady had a right to feel things were awry. his passport. I did not really feel like going that far just to be ...

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9. Black Thursday, 25 July 2007

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pp. 80-87

...leave Taiyuan city. To live without a visa in the city is far safer than to live in a village. In the city, there are many foreigners. to take the risk and went in for the job. It was around July 7, to live in was terrible. The toilette was a pit latrine and it was very young – between the ages of six and ten. It was the first ...

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10. September 2007 to June 15, 2008, the day I left China

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pp. 83-94

...me in my daily activities. I had jobs in Taiyuan that I found it start from ground level in China is a hell of a problem. It was security situation in other cities? I had no idea. If I didn’t The reason I did so was so that, in case the police arrested me difficulties. This saved me from going to net bars. I also paid ...

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pp. 95-96

...be ready for anything at any time. It is difficult to know what much of what we call evil. In life, ask yourself, “Am I ready asking why it happened in the first place? If big gains fall on not let grief kill you because the loss will pass. Life is like that. into positivity, fortune and wellbeing. Life is like this, with ...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956790173
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956728671

Page Count: 102
Publication Year: 2013