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Security for the Pope

In a Violent and Rebellious World

Jordan Nyenyembe

Publication Year: 2013

Security issue has emerged in workshops and seminars as one of the pertinent themes of today. Global security is at stake as terror networks fuel hate and intolerance against the Christian minority. The Roman Catholic Church is subjected to threats by some radical section of Muslims, and fundamentalists from Pentecostal sects. Some Church ministers including popes have been targeted and attacked. Given such a situation; the security of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church is an urgent theme for reflection in response to the concrete situations facing the Church. Security issue cannot be treated as peripheral theme in contemporary ecclesiology.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Table of Contents

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The window of the papal apartment is a focal point of international media all the time the Pope has an audience with pilgrims, particularly when he speaks on issues of global significance. One of such thrilling moments is at the occasion when he preaches and prays for peace in the world. Usually a dove is let go from the window to commemorate ...

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1. Are you afraid of an Assassination attempt?

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During his conversation with Peter Seewald recorded in the book Light of the World: the Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Time; Pope Benedict XVI is asked a total of 222 questions which are divided into three parts: each part made up of six chapters. The first part is entitled “Signs of the Time.” The second part has as its title, “the ...

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2. In the shoes of the Fisherman

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The title frequently used in the Roman Catholic Church in addressing the Pope is that of the “successor of Peter.” This title designates the Bishop of Rome to the Petrine ministry. As “successor of Peter” the understanding is widely accepted in Catholic tradition, what many Catholics seem not to be aware is that the title “successor of Peter” ...

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3. Targeting Popes

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The chapter we have just finished reveals the insecurity that the apostles faced. Like Peter, his successors have experienced the same fate. Some of our popes have been targeted and attacked. During the tragic sack of Rome, on May 6, 1527, for example, 147 members of the Swiss Guards died while the other 42 were successful in saving ...

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4. Like a lamb led to the Slaughter

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Prophet Isaiah in one of the songs of the suffering servant depicts the servant of God as one who is humiliated and accepts affliction which he suffers with exceptional docility. The meekness and the injustices he endures in tranquillity leads prophet Isaiah to describe afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth: like a lamb that is led to the ...

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5. Universal Pastor in Pope Mobiles

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During his trips abroad the Pope encounters huge crowds in stadiums using the so called Pope mobile. This is an informal name for the specifically designed motor vehicle used by the Pope during outdoor appearances. With the mobile the Pope can have access to thousands of believers who are gathered in a huge area. Usually the...

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6. Head of State not like others

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One of the driving points for the concern of the security of the Pope is in his holding of the position as the head of state. As is the case in all countries, the security of the head of state consumes a lion share of the statehouse budget. This is however not the case with the Vatican State...

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7. Global Youth Shockwaves

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In this chapter we deal with an important issue about young people in society. Youth through adolescence is the most active stage in human life. It is at this stage of life when world records are won, academic achievements are registered, life engagements and enduring life friendships are forged. As such young people may prove to be ...

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8. A Moral Pitfall of Nation States

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This is the last chapter of this book. From the previous seven chapters, we have shown that the protection of the person of the Pope is a matter calling for our fresh attention. The situation in the secular world has changed dramatically. People are impatient with challenges of life and tend to be violent. Some nation states sponsor...

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Concluding Reflections

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Issues of human security, human rights and dignity have of late emerged as crucial references in Church’s social teachings and in the work of some theologians. For this matter we have discovered the urgency of the theme of security for the Holy Father and all members of the Church. In treating the theme, we have repeatedly underlined ...

Selected Bibliography

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Index of Names and Places

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Publication Year: 2013