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Divine Bud: Testimonies of Godís intervention

Philip Mutaka

Publication Year: 2012

This book presents innovative material on ethnography; more specifically, it exposes events where African individuals deal with the supernatural – such as: reaction to the death of a child whose surgical operation was considered an answer to prayers to God, how African students have dealt with evil spirits in their lives, how African people have experimented the phenomenon of “miracle” with their specific religious background that merges imported religions (Christian and Islam) and their traditional cultural religious beliefs. The material is also of interest to readers concerned with the need for dialogue between religions for the purpose of finding solutions to conflicts arising in the modern world. The book is truly thought-provoking. See for example what happens when a Muslim faces Jesus Christ as recounted in chapter 5. Mevoutsa’s testimony in chapter 6 is a perfect example that exposes the way Africans attached to their traditional cultures believe that God may use tradition healers to manifest his presence among his creatures.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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“Before we go to bed, let us pray,” said Jacky.
During the whole evening of May 6, 2009, Jacky, Georgina, Nadine, and Eric have been selecting the items that Georgina and Jacky would bring to Ghana for their stay in preparation to Georgina’s surgical operation. Everything was ready. They will be traveling tomorrow.

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1. Shattered hope

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On May 7, 2009, I drove Jackie and Georgina to the bus station early in the morning. Their plane was to leave Duala in the afternoon. So they had to arrive in Duala around 10: am. Eric and Nadine also boarded the car. We all wanted to see Georgina and Mommy travel safely to the bus and they would go to Duala and later on fly to Ghana. Georgina had borrowed my bag that I had used in the past to travel to Brazil. This was now her own bag. As they left, our hope was...

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2. Georgina’s Short Life

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The story of Georgina is a long one. She was conceived in the States, more precisely, at Santa Cruz, in northern California. We had just spent one academic year there after we had left Los Angeles where I had been a student at USC. Because I was a student, I never bothered about the necessity of having a second child. We had one child, Arlette, and I was wholly satisfied with her. What I never knew is that women are...

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3. Miraculous Recoveries

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Why speak about God’s intervention? If you look at the jungle, when some animals eat others, is it God who wanted it that way? Think about the malnourished children in Ethiopia that you might have seen on TV. Or the massacres in Rwanda, is it God who willed it? Think about the earthquakes and other natural catastrophes that kill thousands of people. Think mostly about the Muslims and the...

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4. A Muslim Woman’s deep trust in God

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As soon as Astou heard about Georgina’s death, she called me. I was extremely embarrassed because I had not had time to call neither her nor her husband about the bad news. This time, I was alone because my wife was still in Ghana with the corpse.
Khadija, that is, Astou’s daughter, had been Georgina’s very first friend on this planet Earth. She was about 2 years old. Her family lived just above us in a building that the...

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5. When A Muslim Faces Christ

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pp. 57-78

I believe one of Marietou’s testimonies that left a lasting impression on me is her poem. It made me realize that we are the miracles and that everything we participate in can be seen as a miracle. As I was thinking again about Georgina’s life, I wondered what lasting impression she could then leave on people. It is true that only the people who had been in contact with her know her. She has never had a life like that...

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6. Rescue from Witchcraft

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In my sociolinguistics class, there are students who seem to relate to me, not as a teacher, but as a friend. One such girl is Sigue Carlise Lydie. One can see that she does not come from a wealthy family. Her behavior shows that she is simple, much like the way our own Georgina was. When she heard that my daughter died, she also came to convey her condolences. As I talked to her, I discovered that, in her...

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7. Other Miraculous Testimonies

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To a certain extent, I have to recognize that what I saw as God’s intervention in Georgina’s life made me discover other facets of my sociolinguistics class. Although, as the teacher, I am the eldest, I realized that I am not the wisest, especially in religious matters. I even have to reveal that I felt far less experienced than most of my students. When they tell about their private lives, they have so many interesting stories to...

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8. Living With the Divine Bud

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pp. 129-158

What if Georgina is really a saint! I know, from the official point of view of the Catholic religion, this may not be the case because the Pope has neither canonized her nor proclaimed her a saint. But you and I know pretty well that there are millions of saints unknown to the Pope. We also know that God, in his sovereignty, knows who is a saint and who is not. We too may have the feeling that someone has...

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9. Learning From Witnesses of the Divine Bud

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pp. 159-176

By way of ending this novel, let me try to relate it to your own life. It is true that Georgina’s death has prompted us to write it. However, I know that every single person among you has had a relative who has also died. For those whose children have perhaps passed away, my hope is that they will find some consolation in also believing that they died as angels and that they are with God. You also know a lot of...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956728831
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956727582

Page Count: 188
Publication Year: 2012